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How to find the best part-time jobs in Germany easily!

Finding the best part time jobs in Germany is one of the most important things for you to take care of when you come to Germany for your studies.
And how to find part time jobs in Germany?
That’s what we will discuss here!
And if you properly follow the steps I mention here, you can easily find a part time job for you in no-time!

How to find part time jobs in Germany

Firstly, you should understand that, for part-time jobs, you’re allowed to work for only 20 hours per week. And during semester breaks, you’re allowed to work for 40 hours per week maximum.

And you have to keep these regulations in mind so that you don’t end up in any kind of trouble in the future!

Now let’s explore some ways which you can actually use to get yourself a part-time job in Germany when you come to Germany for your studies!

Eight best places to find part time jobs in Germany!

1. Your University’s Notice Boards

Start your search with your German university’s notice boards!
You can check the university notice boards in Germany to find out about any Werkstudent, part-time jobs!
For example, you might find someone who is looking to teach them English. Feel free to call them, send them an email, or go personally to talk to them.

2. Google Maps for Part time jobs

I am amazed about the things that the Google Maps can do.
And yes! It can find you a potential part-time job in Germany too!
For example, for a field like Civil Engineering, there is always a need for consultant engineers in Germany. So you can go to the Google Maps search bar and search for “Beratende Ingenieure near Hamburg”. After this, you’d easily get a list of all the engineering offices and firms near you. You can write their details as a list in an excel sheet and then start applying to them for part-time jobs.

3. Research Assistant or Hilfswissenschaftler/ HiWis) 

Part-time jobs can be in the form of research assistants also!
To work as a research assistant during your Masters in Germany, you can check out the university’s notice boards. Check out the HiWi part-time job offers they have posted, and contact the respective departments. You can also visit your German university’s website and search for such jobs!
Let’s take the example of the Techincal University of Munich. For TUM, you can find all the details for such part time jobs from here.

Student research assistant part time jobs in Germany
TU Munich Student Assistant part-time jobs

4. ebay for Part time jobs in Germany

Yes! Germans use eBay for almost everything, even for jobs!
So, you can visit eBay, go to categories, jobs and then search for mini and Nebenjobs. You’d see a list of available part-time jobs’ advertisements. You can reach out to them and know more about the details. And they will tell you how you can apply to those part-time jobs.
If you want to give tuition as your part-time job, then go to the search bar and type Nachhilfe. And after this, you’d find any individuals or institutes looking for a tutor. But you need to know a bit German to post the advertisement, for the people to read them and then follow up.

How to find part time jobs in Germany on ebay
Part-time jobs on ebay!

5. You can also check out local cafes and restaurants (Obviously, after the lockdown ends!)

You can visit the local cafes and restaurants and see if they have any vacancies for a student-job. But in this case, you need to have some level of German language proficiency.

6. Jobbörse or Websites for finding Part time Jobs in Germany

Search on Google “Teilzeit jobs” or part-time jobs and you’d get websites where you can apply for a part-time job in Germany as a student.

7. Notices on Supermarkets

While taking a walk around the streets of Germany, as a student looking for jobs always keep your eyes open!
You’d surely find notices on supermarket or shop windows asking for part-time workers.
And as a student in Germany, you can definitely apply to them also!

how to find best part time jobs in Germany in superamarkets
Job Vacancy Notices on Windows

8. Ask Around

Ask your batchmates or flatmates about any vacancies in the organizations where they are doing their own part-time jobs!
They might surely give you a good suggestion or help you get a part-time job there.

If you follow these steps, it won’t at all be an issue in finding a part-time job in Germany. But one key thing you should always keep in mind. And that is, it will be really easy for you to get a part time job when you know the German language!

Don’t forget to check out this video that I made on “finding part time jobs in Germany!”
I made this when I was a student in TU Hamburg 🙂

If you want to know more about getting a part-time or a full-time job in Germany you can also check out the Free PDF on 10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Application for Germany!

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