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We don’t partner with shady private universities. For us, studying in Germany means studying at great German public universities.
And the best place to prepare for them is with us.

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Just like we don’t believe in partnering up with shady private universities and institutions, we  also don’t believe in recommending hundreds of different companies for every single product: what we do is recommending the BEST of the very best .When you Google, you will find tonnes of alternatives to everything that we have listed down here, but nothing will come close to what we are recommending, for we only put a product or a company in our recommendation list after extensive feedback from our community and after testing them through our own satisfaction criteria for their customer service. You will not find anything better than what we have listed down below for different steps of your process of settling down in Germany.

With over 272 students enrolled in the BiG Academy’s online course, the students are enjoying better guidance and support than ever before in preparing for their studies in Germany. BiG Academy’s sole focus is to help students study in German public universities and protect them from falling into traps of the ads and marketing of the private ones. With over 80+ video lessons, workshops and trainings, it is the most comprehensive course you will ever find on the internet focused on Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. aspirants for German public universities. The course creator, Bharat Chaudhary, studied himself in Technical University of Hamburg, one of the best German public universities, and now is teaching other motivated students to do the same. Like we always say: if you want to be great at carpentry, don’t learn it from a plumber. 

Michael at Smarter German has an experience of over 20 years of teaching German to foreigners. He has created an extensive A1-B1 course for people who want to learn from home. The part that we loved the most about the course is that not only are you able to learn at your own pace (and it is generally faster than normal language schools than slower), you are also able to stay in direct contact with a native German speaker who conducts regular live sessions to help his students get a hold of the language faster than ever before. Use link below to enrol at Michael’s course and receive a discount of 10%.

Being the first company to provide completely digital solutions to Blocked account and health insurance, Expatrio continues to be the pioneer in great customer support and providing the customers their Blocked Account and Health Insurance confirmations in the fastest times possible! In some cases even just in 5 hours. Heard anything faster than this? We bet not. For their automated digital processes and fast processing times, we recommend Expatrio’s Value Package to you.

InstaReM charges no forex margins from the Reuters and just charge a nominal fee depending on what amount of money you are sending, which results in huge money savings for you. You don’t want to waste most of your money in nonsense fees. It is cheaper than Transferwise, Worldremit, OFX and many other remittance companies and is the fastest by far (with foreign remittance being completed in as less as 3 hours). In which cases you might benefit by transferring the money via InstaReM: University fee, Enrolment fee, Accommodation rent, Uni-assist fee, Blocked account transfer, sending money to your close family to Germany or any other country.
The step by step instructions to get the 10$ discount you can find here. You can start by signing up for free with the link given below.

We are very particular about the recommendations we provide to our community and this is why we always choose the best companies out of the very best available on the market for our recommendations. N26 is a completely digital bank account with such a simple and easy interface that you will love this bank (which also happens to be the motto of N26: “The Bank You’ll Love”). With instant transactions to fellow N26 customers, 0€ forex charges on paid plans and a 0€ per month free plan for students and professionals who don’t want to pay for any bank charges, this bank account is the only one we can recommend when you are planning on opening a bank account here. The complete details and benefits of this bank account you can read here.

Need advice?

If you need any kind of advice regarding any of your queries related to Germany, feel free to book a personal guidance session to clear all or any doubts that you might have. 

Creating these type of digital content takes a lot of time and efforts. These exclusive courses and books have been created for the people who are serious about their future plans and want to stay 1 step ahead in creating a more secure life for themselves.


“ We got out admits today. I want to thank you for all that you have done for us. I wasn’t in touch with you but my friend was, and you always answered all our queries and helped us alot. It is really a big thing for us, because  like every aspiring student we were lost, and you helped us despite your busy schedule. Thank You Bharat. ”

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.