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Study and Work in Germany

1200+ students have achieved this dream in last 3 years with us.

Study in Germany

Step-by-step process to mentor you through phases of your journey towards tuition-free German public universities.

Study tuition free in German public universities in subject of your choice. Reviews of SOP, LOR, and CV.
Course solves ridiculously complicated step by step processes for you to save time and money.

Learn German

Our German course is built together with native German speaker and is super affordable!

Lifetime access to the course so you can come back to it anytime you need to
Student friendly prices: less than 50% of the price of other language institutions, so you can start learning German right away.

Find Jobs in Germany

Step-by-step process to mentor you through phases of your journey towards working in Germany.

Clear done-for-you research to save your time and mindspace, helping you find best possible opportunities.
Course covers how to find job, salaries, taxes, benefits and solves other complex topics for you.
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+1,500 Happy students

Our students were exactly in your situation and this is what they say after we helped them get into best public universities in Germany! 🇩🇪

Hey Bharat, Greetings for the day! First of all thanks a lot for motivating us and helping in our queries. You are the best mentor anyone can find. Your videos helped me a lot and I have received my first admit from TUM, which is a dream come true. Other than that are from Ingolstadt and Frasenius.

Enrolled to TU Munich

I got my first admit at TU Freiberg for advanced material analysis. At first I am having lot of doubt about my admit because of no work experience as well as low GPA. Thanks to Bharat Chaudhary and his team who motivated me and help during all the process.

Enrolled to TU Freiberg

Just got my 1st admit from University of Passau in CS. I can't thank enough Bharat Chaudhary sir and BIG family for everything because being a BCA student their are already fewer options even though you have good grades. But Bharat sir constantly supported me whenever I had even a small doubts. To all my other BCA friends don't panic that you have 3 year degree so you are not going to get accepted just focus on what good you have like strong SOP or work experience, good grades whatever. On to the next one.

Enrolled to University of Passau

I am glad to share that today I have received an admit from TU Munich for the Master in Management course. This was the main university which I was targeting. I would like to thank Bharat for every help! I would now move on with the visa process once VFS offices open up.

Enrolled to TU Munich

Dear Bharat and Prinny, I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for helping me throughout this journey. I became a member of the BIG family in the month of September, 2020. My dream to experience and study in my dream university was only possible with your guidance and support. I applied to nearly 20 universities, out of which I received admits from 7 universities 1. LMU Munich 2. Free University of Munich 3. University of Tübingen 4. FAU Erlangen 5. Leipzig University 6. University of Münster 7. Leibniz University of Hannover

Enrolled to LMU Munich

Hey Bharat! Just wanted to inform you that after months of waiting, I've received my first admit today from FAU Erlangen Data Science program. Thanks a lot for all the guidance and tips, they surely make a huge difference in the profile and make you stand out!! I think getting the BiG Course was the best decision I took last year. Really thankful for the BiG team, for making this possible.

Enrolled to FAU Erlangen

Meet Your Advisor

Since 2016 when I first came to Germany to now, I have helped hundreds of expats like you to come study and work in Germany.

Bharat Chaudhary

Bharat Chaudhary

Over the last 4 years, I have helped out hundreds of students and professionals to start their career and studies in Germany.
Years of living and exploring Europe
From coming to Germany for my Masters to helping thousands of students to study at the best universities in Germany.
TU Hamburg Alumni
I've completed my German taught M.Sc. in International Management and Engineering from TU Hamburg.
(Degree Certificate below)

To anybody who tells you

‘you can’t study in Germany as a foreigner’

‘you can’t study in a German taught program, it’s too difficult’

‘you can’t study in a tuition free German public university’

Let the above certificate be a reminder:

If I can do it coming from a small city in India.

So can you!

And I will help you in achieving your dreams,

so you don’t waste your time making unnecessary mistakes.

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