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How to bring your parents to Germany permanently in 2024!

How to bring your parents to Germany permanently in 2024!

Read this article for more information about the changes made in the Skilled Immigration Act and how you can bring your parents to Germany

There is a new update in the immigration law of Germany. This makes life a lot easier for migrants!

Over the last few months, there are a lot of changes in the Immigration laws in Germany. As a result of labor shortage faced in Germany, the Govt., has to take these steps.

As you already know most of the German population is aging. So there is a shortage of skilled workers. In order to attract better talent and keep them, the Government is taking some steps. These changes will make life easier for skilled migrants.

One of those areas that the reforms affects now is the Family Reunion Laws. The rules for a Family Reunion Visa has been relaxed. So it is now a lot easier for you to bring your parents to Germany!

Let us take a look at the changes and reforms, eligibility criteria and more!

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Is it impossible to bring your Parents to Germany?

While parents could visit their children in Germany on a Schengen Visa, it was not possible to bring them over to Germany permanently.

Until these new reforms were announced, it was almost impossible to bring your parents to Germany. While there was a clause to bring ‘Dependents’ along with you to Germany if you can financially sponsor them. However, the ‘Dependent’ category only applied for Spouse and Children. Parents of the Visa holder was not able to bring their parents to Germany.

There was a very specific clause that allowed you to bring your parents. But it is only applicable if the parents of the VISA holder faced extreme hardships. Usually it was only considered for parents with disabilities and need of a caretaker.

As a result, many people hesitated to consider Germany for job related migration. However things are now changing. The German Economy is facing a big labor shortage. It is focused to bring more skilled migrants and keep them in the country. Since the German Government wants to make the country more attractive for the migrant workers, the new reforms has been announced.

Eligibility to Bring Your Parents to Germany:

In summary, anybody who receives a Work VISA or a Residence Permit in Germany can bring their parents to Germany with effect from March 1, 2024. If you are looking to move to Germany in the future as a skilled worker, you can use this law.

In addition to parents, this law extends to allow you to bring your Parents-in-law too. So if you have a dependent spouse with you, their parents can also move to Germany.

However there is one more condition. You have to prove your financial capacity to take care of them.

Ministry of Justice Website explaining the law to bring your parents to Germany

Any title that allows you to come to Germany for employment, is now counted as a resident title. You are eligible directly under this law to bring your parents to Germany under these following titles for instance:

  • EU Blue Card : The EU Blue Card grants highly skilled non-EU citizens the opportunity to live and work in Germany. It aims to attract talent from outside the European Union who possess high skills that are in demand in Germany.
  • ICT Card : The ICT (Intra-Corporate Transfer) card allows skilled employees from non-EU countries to work in Germany for MNCs. It simplifies the process of transferring employees within these companies. For example, if you work for BMW/BOSCH/SIEMENS in India, you can directly shift to the German branches of these companies easily.
  • Researchers
  • Self-Employed Persons
  • IT Specialists

The list is much longer, however this is a summarized version of it.

Can Student VISA and Job Seeker VISA holders bring their parents to Germany?

Under the current reforms, Student Visa Holders and Job Seeker VISA holders cannot directly benefit from this law. However, students can make use of this law once they find employment. Similarly, job seekers who find permanent employment can use this law once they receive an Employment title.

The better option for these two categories to change your residential status with an employment after March 1, 2024.

What if I am already residing in Germany?

Unfortunately, if you are already a EU Blue Card Holder (or a Resident in Germany under any employment title) this law does not apply to you. You will not be able to bring your parents to Germany. Only for those who receive their VISAs after March 1, 2024 are eligible under these reforms.

However, there is definitely a good chance that this law might change in the future. There are already discussions about how this is unfair for those residing in Germany already.

“To address this issue comprehensively, there is a call for uniform standards that would benefit all affected individuals meeting the necessary criteria. Advocates argue that entry date should not be the sole determining factor for eligibility for parent reunification. Instead, they emphasize the importance of livelihood and other requirements as fair and just criteria.”

You can find this statement on this document here released by the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

How does this update affect you?

This is a massive change that will have great effect on many things. Even if you are just a student and not an employed individual, you can benefit from this law. The changes show that the German Government has a positive attitude towards migration. The country needs more skilled migrants. And it is getting easier and easier for you to move there.

When you compare this to countries such as USA, UK, Canada – there is a lot of difference. These ‘legacy countries’ for settling abroad are making it difficult for people to come there. In fact, they are taking measures to push people out of their country.

The UK has increased the minimum salary requirement for SW Visa even more. On the other hand, Canada has stopped intake of International Students completely.

Students Can Bring Your Parents to Germany too!

This law is good news for students also. Why? Because if you come to Germany for Masters, you can seek an employment here after 2-3 years. Once you have the Employment title, you can easily bring over your parents to Germany.

Most students hesitate going abroad as they have to leave parents behind. However this new law makes it a lot easier for you!

You can expect more such positive reforms to happen in Germany. This is good news for all the readers!

How can you prepare?

One of the main requirements for you to have a EU Blue Card or any other employment title – German Proficiency.

Yes, you cannot find a good paying job in Germany without knowing German. So the first thing you should focus on is learning German.

You should have at least B1 level Proficiency. This will make your life a lot easier!

Bring your parents to Germany

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