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Best Online German Course in India – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

In this article, we will take a look at the best Online German Course in India. Find out which is the most affordable, quality course that you can learn German from and ace the Goethe Examinations

Why learn German in India?

If you are an Indian student, you are probably wondering – why should I learn German?

German is spoken in many countries, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It’s also spoken in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

Learning German is crucial as it opens doors for you. It is the most spoken language in the European Union. Additionally, many major companies operate in German-speaking regions, making proficiency in German a significant advantage for those seeking European job prospects.

Furthermore, for study abroad enthusiasts, knowing German can significantly enhance their chances to get into German Public Universities. In addition to that, it allows for understanding signs, communicating with locals, and fostering new friendships.

For Indians, mastering German can pave the way to job prospects, particularly in sectors like technology, engineering, and medicine. Thus, learning German emerges as a valuable skill with wide-ranging benefits.

Learning German is not easy!

Learning German is definitely not an easy task. The language can be challenging for some people. On the other hand, the bigger difficulty comes from the fact that institutes in India charge Rs.15,000-Rs.20,000 just for A1.

When studying in Germany is itself free of cost, spending so much on German language course is not possible for most Indian students. After spending almost a lakh on physical German classes, most of the students I have spoken to are unhappy with their experience.

Firstly, in a physical class there are around 30-50 students usually. Students usually find that a big negative because each student learns at a different pace. Sitting in a room with a big crowd and going with the flow does not work for all.

So, what is the solution?

Online German Course – Best way to learn German in India?

In today’s world, online learning is mainstream. As more and more people have internet accessibility, learning anything online has become easier. Especially learning a new language.

There are many platforms like DUOLINGO which can give you a good start to explore languages. However, if you want to learn German for academic and professional purposes, then a well structured online course is a lot better than platforms like Duolingo.

In addition to that, online courses give you the flexibility of learning from anywhere, anytime. And if you are able to find an online course that is affordable – then it is definitely a great option.

Back when I was a student in India who was planning to move to Germany for studies. And I knew that if I want to be successful, I should learn German before moving to Germany. But the sad thing was, I was from a rural town in Haryana.

Even internet connection was difficult to get in my town. So when I wanted to learn German, I literally had no options. After searching in nearby towns, I finally found one coaching center which offered German language course.

But the moment I saw their fees, I gave up the whole idea. They were asking for INR 20,000 just for one month of A1 classes. It was a ridiculous fee back in the day. So my only option was to learn German by myself. And that is exactly what I did.

However, I do not want other students to struggle like I did. This is why I built the FASTER GERMAN courses from scratch, along with my wife Alina – who is a native Germany speaker. Let me tell you more about the course.


There are many courses in India that teach German. But when I started to explore the options, there was a big problem. There was not a single course which was the ‘Go-To Option’ for students.

Some courses were simply too expensive for middle class Indian students. On the other hand, there were some courses which were affordable – but they were very poor in quality. I realized that this problem needed to be fixed – and I took it up as my responsibility to build the best German Online course for Indian students.

As an Indian who understands the need for affordable German language courses, I spotted an opportunity to help. My wife, who’s a native German speaker, and I teamed up to create a course. It’s comprehensive and accessible, yet costs much less. At Faster German, we believe learning a new language shouldn’t break the bank.

Our courses offer lifetime access to materials. They cover all aspects of language learning, including pronunciation, vocabulary, cultural insights, and exam preparation. We aim to make the journey of learning German faster and more enjoyable for everyone.

Join our community and embark on your German language journey with us!

At FASTER GERMAN – we focused on one goal. Make German learning easier, faster & affordable for Indian students.

This Online German Course you can learn German 3X Faster!

Before we go into detail about this course, let me tell you about the FREE MINI COURSE.

It includes 5 EASY TO GRASP LESSONS – These 5 lessons will bring you up to speed to key concepts which makes you learn German much faster as a complete beginner! Here’s a video which gives you a brief introduction.

One of the best aspects of Faster German online course – as the name suggests, helps you learn German MUCH FASTER.

Here is the problem with most courses out there. A lot of unnecessary information can slow down your progress. Some courses out there focus on areas of the language which you will never be practically using. This is a good tactic for them because the longer it takes for you to learn – the longer they can charge you!

But with Faster German, there are no frills attached. You do not get anything extra and unnecessary. You will learn exactly what is needed to master German. And you will be flying high with progress!

However, here is the best part. If you are not a fan of rocket speed learning, and you prefer to take it slower. You can absolutely do that! Because we offer our courses with LIFETIME ACCESS!

As the course lessons are self-paced & online – you can learn at your own comfortable pace!

Why Faster German is the ULTIMATE ONLINE COURSE to learn German in India?

Let me tell you why it is the best way to learn German.

We launched FasterGerman A1 at the start of 2022.

And since then? It’s been a history for us. We have students in our course consistently putting up scores of 90+

And this time it’s another student who completed A1 with our FasterGerman A1 and had secured 82/100. That too in just 15 days!

Let’s see what she and other students have to say about FasterGerman below!

Enroll in the FASTER GERMAN COURSES now!!!

If you want to start learning German, Faster German is the best option out there for you!

So what are you waiting for?

Click below to enroll and start learning!

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