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Best way to learn German in India – Quick and Affordable!

Best way to learn German in India – Quick and Affordable!

Faster German A1 – the best online German language course. Learn German in India for as low as Rs.4,999! Read the article to find out more.

Germany is one of the most famous study abroad destinations in the world. And a good number of International Students in Germany are from India. Despite consistently increasing trends of Indian students studying in Germany, several aspects of the process is not accessible to lot of students.

A lot of students in India are unaware of University Requirements, Application processes, Deadlines and so on. But there is something that most people struggle with, Learning the German language.

This does not just apply to students, but working professionals too. Learning German is something that most Indians cannot access easily. Therefore, I will take a look at some of the obstacles that Indians face, stopping them from learning German. Furthermore I will also share with you the ideal solution to all your German learning problems.

Before that, here is the reason why you should not avoid learning German.

Don’t Wait to learn German until you are in Germany!

Don't wait to learn German in Germany

If you are considering moving to Germany for Studies or Work, one of the first things on your checklist should be to learn the German language. However, not many people realize the importance of the German language. There are two mindsets people usually have

a) I am very proficient in English, so I can manage with it.

b) I can just learn German once I land in Germany.

You are about to make a huge mistake if you are thinking this way!

Firstly, you cannot survive with just English in Germany. Technically, you can do just that: ‘survive’. But German is absolutely necessary for most things – from day to day life to your long term career prospects.

Think about how hard your life would be if you cannot read any signs on the roads, communicate with vendors, or call public offices in Germany?

What when your Wi-Fi breaks down and you have to call for help?

How often are you going to come across an English speaking technician!

Even if your Masters program is in English, you should really have some German proficiency before arriving here.

German is necessary to find part-time jobs, internships and of course full time job opportunities in the future.

Secondly, learning German in Germany would be way too expensive. Unless money is not a problem for you, I would really not suggest you to plan for this. Language schools in Germany charge 200€ per week. This is really not a feasible option for most students.

Here is why it is hard to learn German in India

After realizing the importance of learning German in India, you might think it would be relatively easy to get started. But that is not the case. A lot of issues stop Indians from getting high quality German language training. Let us take a look at some of these reasons in detail.

Cost – It is expensive to learn German in India!

Learning German does not come cheap in India. And if you like most Indians are from a middle class background, this is the biggest hindrance. You might come across Coaching Institutions in your locality charging up to 20,000 – 30,000 Rupees for just A1 level German.

This is just not feasible for most of us. One of the reasons students choose Germany as their study destination because of how affordable it is. Yet, German language courses are crazy expensive!


Cost is one thing, but accessibility is a whole issue by itself. I faced this problem myself.

During my Bachelors, I studied in a small village in Haryana named Murthal. All you could find nearby was a tea shop & a police station, on the sides of barren land. It was virtually impossible to find someone who could teach me German.

The nearest Institute I could find was in Delhi which took about 2 hours of travel by road!

Most of you could be facing a similar issue. There are not many options at reach. Even if you manage to locate a coaching institute at some distance, the other problem is about flexibility. With studies & jobs taking up a big chunk of our time, it is really hard to travel to such Institutes at a distance.


Another worrying aspect is the quality of German language coaching that can be found in India. Most of the ‘German language trainers’ in India tend to have learnt German as their 3rd or 4th language. This is not ideal because learning a language from a Native Speaker would be much more effecctive. I have interacted with several students who share some experiences with German language trainers in their localities making pronounciation errors & grammatical mistakes. While this is no attempt to throw shade on those who are providing the German language classes at vicinity, it has to be admitted that the quality may not always be there.

Is there a solution?

Yes! There is always a solution. And it is my duty to present them to you.

When I made my journey from Haryana to Hamburg, I had nobody to guide me. I faced a lot of issues that I had to sit down on my own, and find solutions for. This is why I created the BiG Academy. I wanted to ensure that students have the best guidance possible for every step along the way.

But there was always a missing piece in the puzzle – a German language course. I have always wanted to create a German language course myself. Having struggled a lot in my German learning journey of going from Beginner to Native Speaker level in just 1 year, I want to make it easy for you.

This is why when 2022 came around the corner, I decided to launch Faster German.

Faster German A1 – The best way to learn German in India

So you might be thinking – What is the backstory of Faster German?

Faster German A1 course - Best way to learn German in India
Alina & Bharat, co-creators of the Faster German A1 course

An ex-German beginner turned C2 level German speaker who did his M.Sc. in a German Taught Program at TU Hamburg and a German native speaker who grew up in Germany – Me and my wife Alina have worked together to launch the Faster German A1 course.

We built this course together for you because one of us has been where you are at right now and the other one can you give you a window to the German language, culture and pronunciations.
Sounds like an amazing combo, right?

Let us take a look at some special features of our course!

Learn A1 German in India at just INR. 4999!

The first problem we talked about is learning German at an affordable price. I have seen people spend upto Rs. 20,000 just for A1. With our Faster German A1 course, you do not have to spend a fortune.

You can learn A1 German at just Rs. 4,999. This is by far the lowest price that you can find for a beginner level German course. And the best part is, we do not compromise on the quality of our course!

PS: A special note just for you. By clicking at the link below, and using the Coupon Code 2000-OFF – you can get a Rs. 2000 discount.

Learn German in India up to A1 level in just 14 days!

Faster German A1 course - Best way to learn German in India

Yes, you heard it right. With the Faster German A1 course – you will be able to learn German upto A1 level in just 14 days. But the best part is – you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course.

So if you want to take more than 14 days, you have the complete flexibility to do so! As our modules are recorded lessons that you can access anytime, Faster German A1 is extremely suitable to those who want to learn German alongside their academics/ work routine.

Learn German with the guidance of a Native Speaker

Faster German A1 course - Best way to learn German in India

My wife Alina, grew up in Hamburg, Germany, worked in the Indian Consulate in Hamburg for 3 years and that’s why she is very familiar with both Indian and German cultures. She will be teaching you important German lessons in the course, focused on conversations, everyday situations in Germany, along with intercultural trainings. Other lessons more focused on exam solving and most of the grammar will be covered by me.

Don’t make any compromises on learning correct German pronunciations! Learn it directly from a native German speaker.

Get Goethe A1 ready with the help of Faster German A1

Of course, the most important part of taking up the A1 course is to get fully prepared for the Goethe A examination. Therefore we focus extensively on preparations for the Goethe A1 examination. We have an entire module on coaching you for Goethe A1.

With model papers, practice exercises with solutions – you do not need anything else to prepare for the Goethe A1 examination apart from our course!

Faster German A1 course - Best way to learn German in India
Faster German A1 course contents

⭐ Reasons why you should enrol in the Faster German A1 course

In conclusion, Faster German A1 is the best possible solution for all your German learning problems. Here are some reasons why you should enrol in our course:

  • Firstly the course is super affordable at just INR 4,999
  • Self-paced with LIFETIME ACCESS
  • Finish A1 level in just 14 Days
  • Includes Quizzes
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Digital flashcards for fast revision
  • Goethe A1 Model Papers and exercises

In summary, these are the reasons why Faster German A1 is the best course out there to start learning German!

Do you want to kickstart your German learning journey? Then go ahead and do it now!

Additionally we have several other courses at the BiG Academy. People have several needs for guidance such as study, jobs, learning German and so on. Accordingly to ensure that anybody who needs guidance to come to Germany, we have got you all covered 🙂

Want to find out other courses that we offer at the BiG Academy?

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