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Study in Germany for FREE : Here are FIVE tips!

Study in Germany for FREE : Here are FIVE tips!

A detailed article with tips, suggestions and guidance on how to Study in Germany for FREE – from an Indian Student who has done it on his own!

Studying Abroad is a dream of many middle class Indian students. But the cost of studying abroad kills the dream for many. However, there is one country where you can still achieve your dream all at FREE of cost. Yes, I am talking about Germany!

Germany offers world class education at its renowned Universities. In addition to that, the country offers a great quality of life and plenty of job opportunities. And do you know the best part? You get all of this for FREE.

If you are a student looking to study abroad, it is absolutely a jackpot for you. Because you are now going to consider Germany as your priority destination!!!

In this article, I will help you towards studying in Germany with 5 simple tips, suggestions and guidance pointers. Let’s get started.

1. Why is Study in Germany FREE?

Firstly, you must understand why education is free in Germany. Because usually when things are free, there is always a catch behind it. So let me tell you in detail why education is FREE in Germany for all!

Germany is a country that has a strong commitment towards providing quality education for people. Regardless of the people’s citizenship, the German Government has continued to provide Education in Public Universities with ZERO tuition fees.

An important thing to note, most of the TOP Universities in Germany are Publicly funded. Since the German Govt., provides substantial funding to these Unis, they are able to provide great quality education to ALL at low or no cost.

In addition to that, Germany is also a country with an ageing population. Due to low birth rate and declining work force, the country wants highly skilled immigrants. Germany also receives many benefits from providing FREE education. Students from all over the world move to Germany, spend money here and pay taxes here, which in the end pumps money back into the economy.

So for all of these reasons, Education is FREE in German Public Unis. There is no catch behind it!

2. What about COST OF LIVING?

Yes, here is the thing. Studying alone might be ‘FREE’. But you still have to manage your cost of living. How to do that? Well luckily, me and a thousand other students have been able to successfully figure out a way.

First of all, you should know how much the whole ‘Studying in Germany’ Project will cost. We have made a detailed video on ‘Total Cost to Study in Germany’ that you should definitely check out! Click below:

Managing the cost of living in Germany as a student can be managed through part-time jobs and education loans. Securing a part-time job not only provides financial support but also valuable work experience.

Many cities offer ample opportunities for students, such as working in cafes, tutoring, or internships. Additionally, education loans or scholarships can reduce the burden.

Researching available scholarships or grants tailored for international students and understanding loan options can significantly assist in covering tuition fees and living expenses.

With careful budgeting, smart financial planning, you can comfortably navigate the cost of living while pursuing their education in Germany

3. Are you ELIGIBLE to Study in Germany?

Its all good figuring out the expenses, but the very basic need is that you should be eligible. There are many requirements to meet if you want to study in Germany. As education is free, competition is also high. How will you know if you are ELIGIBLE to study in Germany?

Well, we have made it extremely easy for you. I have spent HOURS to build the most complete, and detailed PDF that you will ever find that summarizes ALL the BASIC ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS to Study in Germany. This includes the requirements for both Bachelors and Masters. You my friend, can get this PDF for FREE. All you have to do is click this button below!

The good news does not stop here. You can also get a FREE Profile Evaluation! I have built a FREE TO USE Tool where you can enter the details of your profile and get an evaluation. Once you enter your academic profile, you will be receiving an email with a report. This report will tell you in detail – whether you are eligible or not, and which Universities you can apply to!

4. Step by Step Process

The next most crucial thing for you to know is the step by step process. I mean from the very first step of searching for Universities. From there on, it is a daunting and lengthy process.

  • Understanding the requirements
  • Writing IELTS/GRE/GMAT/Goethe exams
  • Preparing key documents like SOP, LOR, CV (highlight this point!)
  • Getting your APS (if you are lucky!)
  • Applying to the University
  • Applying for VISA
  • Booking your tickets
  • Finding Accomodation

And on and on and on! It is a very exhausting list of things to do. To be honest, it might seem scary for someone who is starting out. I understand your pain. Because I myself went through all of this. And the worst part is that I had nobody to guide me.

This is why I decided to start the BiG Academy. So that no student struggles without the right guidance and support in this process.

I have built the Complete Course for Studying in Germany – the most detailed and thorough ONLINE COURSE you will find that provides thorough step by step guidance in the entire process.

First of all, Let me just share a few things about what the course includes.

Study in Germany Course FREE

To summarize I have also made a brief video. Check it out here!


Starting the application process early is crucial for securing a smooth and successful journey. Firstly, beginning early allows sufficient time for gathering all necessary documents, ensuring nothing is missed.

Secondly, it provides ample time for any revisions or improvements needed in your application. Moreover, an early start means more time for researching and selecting the right universities or programs.

I am not kidding when I tell you how important this is! I have seen students with 9 CGPA get REJECTIONS and students with 6.5 CGPA get admits. GRADES ARE NOT EVERYTHING!!!!

Your key documents such as SOP, LOR and CV needs to be top notch. Hence, starting early allows you to buy more time for refining it. In the Complete Course for Studying in Germany, you also get UNLIMITED reviews for these documents!

Additionally, early birds have a higher chance of meeting deadlines and avoiding the rush, reducing stress. Furthermore, initiating the process early allows for better preparation, making it easier to handle any unexpected issues that might arise.

In short, getting a head start means ample time for preparation, reducing stress, and ultimately increasing your chances of a successful application

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