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Can I Bring My Parents to Germany?

Can I Bring My Parents to Germany?

It is natural to long for the company of your loved ones when you’re miles away from your homeland, and many expats in Germany often wonder: “Can I bring my parents to Germany?”

In this article, we will walk you through the intricacies of the process, explaining the important role that family reunification plays in the German immigration system. Moreover, we will also delve deep into the question of being able to bring your parents to Germany.

This piece aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and financial responsibilities. Furthermore, we will throw light on the language and integration requirements, accommodation and healthcare provisions, as well as the potential for permanent residency and citizenship.

NOTE: None of whatever is advised here has become official as of yet, the law is still a draft that is to be put into legislation after a thorough review.

German Immigration Laws and Policies

Germany’s immigration laws allow for family reunification under certain conditions. Simply, parents of a minor who is a resident, refugee, or entitled to asylum may join their child in Germany. However, the conditions for parents of adult residents are more stringent, and generally, parents are only allowed to join you if they are a case of ‘exceptional hardship’.

Read the law here.

Recent Updates Regarding Bringing Parents to Germany

Recently, along with a variety of newly changed rules, the German government is trying to make it easier for you to bring your parents to Germany.

In the future it will also be possible for the parents of a skilled worker to be granted a residence permit for family reunification. The same applies to the parents-in-law of the specialist if their spouse is permanently resident in Germany.

Source: Bundesregierung
Bring your Parents to Germany original text in German

This would be a massive relief for people like you and me. As we have to rely on tourist visas to meet with our families. At present, the only convenient option for you to bring your parents to Germany is to apply for a tourist visa. It is not easy to go through the entire process at VFS, only to see your parents for a week.

People are able to get longer-duration visas later on. But anything more than 6 months is unheard of, as that is the legal limit.

Key Requirements for Bringing Parents to Germany

As a sponsor, you play a pivotal role in the immigration process. Your financial stability is key to your parents’ successful visa application.

  1. Financial Requirements: You must be able to provide evidence of stable income. Notably, this could be through employment income, savings, or property ownership.
  2. Supporting Parents Financially: You need to sign a declaration stating that you will bear all costs associated with your parents’ living in Germany, including healthcare costs and any potential return travel costs.
  3. Space Requirements: You need 12-meter squares of space per person above the age of 6. So for a family of let’s say 4 adults and 1 child, you’d need 60 m of space.

Language and Integration Requirements

Integration into German society is paramount. Thus, parents need to demonstrate some knowledge of the German language and German society.

  1. Language Proficiency: At a minimum, parents would need to prove A1 level proficiency in German as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  2. Integration Courses: These are helpful in understanding the culture, legal system, history, and living in Germany. While these courses might not be mandatory, they would for sure help out in bettering the chances of obtaining permanent residency.


Bringing your parents to Germany is a process that requires careful planning, a good understanding of immigration laws, and strong financial backing. Although it may seem challenging, thousands of families have been reunited in Germany, providing a strong testament to the attainability of this endeavor. This article aimed to shed light on the various aspects of this process.

However, for personalized advice, it is recommended to consult an immigration expert. Even though the journey may be long, but the reward of having your family close by is surely worth the effort.

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