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Can I Bring My Parents to Germany?

Can I Bring My Parents to Germany?

It is natural to long for the company of your loved ones when you’re miles away from your homeland, and many expats in Germany often wonder: “Can I bring my parents to Germany?”

In this article, we will walk you through the process, explaining the important role that family reunification plays in the German immigration system. Moreover, we will also delve deep into the question of being able to bring your parents to Germany.

Furthermore, we will throw light on the language and integration requirements, accommodation and healthcare provisions, as well as the potential for permanent residency and citizenship.

NOTE: This update of the Skilled Immigration Law is only applicable for those who receive their VISA/EU Blue Card after March 1, 2024.

German Immigration Laws and Policies

Germany’s immigration laws used to be strict on family reunification. For instance, parents of a minor who is a resident, refugee, or entitled to asylum may join their child in Germany. However, the conditions for parents of adult residents are more stringent, and generally, parents are only allowed to join you if they are a case of ‘exceptional hardship’.

Usually it was only considered for parents with disabilities and need of a caretaker.

Read the law here.

New Law Regarding Bringing Parents to Germany

Recently, along with a variety of newly changed rules, the German government is trying to make it easier for you to bring your parents to Germany.

The Government is doing this because there is a labor shortage. In order to attract more talent to Germany, they have to make the country attractive. With this new law, Germany will be an attractive choice for migrants. Why? Because you can now bring your parents (and even your in-laws!) to Germany.

Source: Bundesregierung
bring your parents to Germany

This would be a massive relief for people like you and me. As we have to rely on tourist visas to meet with our families. At present, the only convenient option for you to bring your parents to Germany is to apply for a tourist visa. It is not easy to go through the entire process at VFS, only to see your parents for a week.

However, from 1 March 2024, you can bring your parents to Germany if you fall under the following category.

Key Requirements for Bringing Parents to Germany

Any visa permitting employment in Germany now qualifies as a residency permit. Consequently, individuals can bring their parents to Germany under certain titles, such as:

  1. EU Blue Card: This card enables highly skilled non-EU nationals to reside and work in Germany, aiming to attract talent with sought-after skills.
  2. ICT Card: The ICT (Intra-Corporate Transfer) card facilitates the employment of skilled personnel from non-EU nations by multinational corporations (MNCs) in Germany. It streamlines the process of transferring employees within these organizations. For instance, individuals working for BMW/BOSCH/SIEMENS in India can easily transition to their German branches.
  3. Researchers
  4. Self-Employed Individuals
  5. IT Specialists

As a sponsor, you play a pivotal role in the immigration process. Your financial stability is key to your parents’ successful visa application.

  1. Financial Requirements: You must be able to provide evidence of stable income. Notably, this could be through employment income, savings, or property ownership.
  2. Supporting Parents Financially: You need to sign a declaration stating that you will bear all costs associated with your parents. It includes healthcare, food and other expenses.

Does this law allow students to bring their parents to Germany?

Unfortunately if you are on a Student Visa, this law does not apply to you. However, you do not have to worry. Once you finish your studies, you have a period of 18 months to seek jobs. And in case you find a full time job in Germany, then you can benefit from this law. With an employment title you can bring your parents to Germany.

What about those who are already in Germany?

In addition to students, this category of people are also missing out on the law. Because if you already are in Germany with an employment title issued before March 1, 2024. Then it is not applicable for you. Therefore you cannot bring your parents to Germany.

You can expect more changes in the future!

Do not worry if you are not in this category! Because at this point, we cannot say anything as final. We are expecting more changes to this law in the future.

Right now, this law only makes Germany attractive for NEW SKILLED MIGRANTS. However, if Germany want to keep the best talents in the country. They have to make sure that they bring laws in favor of those already in Germany.

The SPD (Political Party) of Berlin has already spoken regarding this.

“The Skilled Immigration Act 2.0 makes it easier for parents of foreign skilled workers arriving after March 1, 2024, to join them in Germany. They can get residency permits if they meet certain criteria and show they can support themselves.

But this new rule doesn’t help other groups like Germans with foreign parents, skilled workers who came before March 1, 2024, and other foreigners with permits. They can only reunite with their parents in tough situations. While we like that it’s easier for some families to reunite and that it attracts skilled workers, it’s not fair to exclude others. We want fair rules so everyone who qualifies can benefit, not just based on when they arrived.”

Language and Integration Requirements

Integration into German society is paramount. Thus, parents need to demonstrate some knowledge of the German language and German society.

  1. Language Proficiency: At a minimum, parents would need to prove A1 level proficiency in German as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  2. Integration Courses: These are helpful in understanding the culture, legal system, history, and living in Germany. While these courses might not be mandatory, they would for sure help out in bettering the chances of obtaining permanent residency.

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Bringing your parents to Germany is a process that requires careful planning, a good understanding of immigration laws, and strong financial backing. Although it was challenging, things are changing now. We will keep you updated with more great news with regards to immigration law in Germany!

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