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Learn German in India – Here is the total cost (2023)

Learn German in India – Here is the total cost (2023)

Find out the total cost of learning German in India. Discover the affordable way to learn German in India.

Learning German is a must for anybody planning to move to Germany. Whether it is for Studying or in search of a Job, it is necessary to be fluent in German. In addition to helping you settle down better, knowing German can actually increase your chances of getting admits and jobs. But learning German is expensive! In this article, let us explore the total cost of learning German in 2023. I will also suggest you the most affordable way to learn German so read the till the end!

Should you Learn German in India or Germany?

There are many ways to learn German. You can learn it here in India or fly to Germany and learn it there. Yes, that is an option available to you! In fact everyone can get a visa for a language course in Germany. You can read up more about the German Language Course Visa online.

But the most important question is, which is the better option? Learning German in India or from Germany? Let us analyze this on the following criteria:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness:

    Learning German in India is simply cheaper than doing it in Germany. Learning German in Germany is expensive if you include other costs. For example, International travel, accommodation, and living costs in Germany.
  2. Quality of Trainers:

    German Trainers in Germany are much better than those in India. Regardless of how experienced or proficient the trainers are in India, learning from a German Trainer is simply better.
  3. Flexibility and Convenience:

    For Indian students, learning German in India is more convenient and flexible. Whereas in Germany, you have the visa time constraint. In addition to that, the longer you stay, the more expensive it is for you.
  4. Nativity & Cultural Aspects :

    Learning a language is not like learning a subject. You need a lot of cultural context and understanding. This is one thing where Germany has the edge over India. However, I do have a solution for this problem! (Read the article fully to find out)

Overall, I would advise Indian students to STAY in India and learn German from there.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn German in India?

The cost of learning German varies. It depends on any factors like the course structure, duration, mode of teaching and the experience of trainers. Here are a few cost estimates as to how much some Institutes in India charge for German language.

Firstly, we have to note that there are 6 levels of German language. Starting from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. A1 is the absolute beginner level and C2 is the Native Speaker level. Different Language Institutes offer these courses in different packages.

Let us take a look at a cost estimate here!

Course TypeDurationCost
Standard and Intensive Course, Level A1 & A212 weeks onlyINR 20,900 onwards
Online Group Course, A1 – B115 weeks onlyINR 24,000
Blended Learning, A1 – C112 weeks onlyINR 20,900 onwards
Young Learners’ Courses, A1 – B115 – 20 weekendsINR 18,000 – 24,000
Specialised CourseVariesVaries
Please note that these are not EXACT prices but the estimates we calculated. You are advised to do your own research for comparison

Here is another cost breakdown of a Delhi based German language trainer

Course TypeDurationCost
A1 Level2-4 months per level with varying feesINR 15,000
A2 LevelINR 15,000
B1 (B1.1 + B1.2)INR 32,000
C1 (C1.1 + C1.2)INR 32,000
C2 LevelINR 25,000
TOTAL1 to 1.5 YEARSApproximately INR 120000

So, a total of ONE LAKH RUPEES to learn German! This is of course not affordable for many middle class Indian students.

German language schools in India are charging at least Rs.20,000 per level. In addition to that, most of these courses have short time durations. Learning German within 12-15 weeks is not ideal especially if you are made to sit in a group of hundred students and taught by one teacher! This is not a direct reference to any German language course provider, but most ‘Group’ courses are functioning this way.

However, do you really have to spend that much on learning German???

FasterGerman – The BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE Way to Learn German!

Let me give you an introduction to FasterGerman!

An ex-German beginner who became C2 level German speaker and did his M.Sc. in a German Taught Program at TU Hamburg. Teams up with a German native speaker who grew up in Germany ! Me and my wife Alina have worked together to launch the Faster German courses.

We built this course together for you because one of us has been where you are at right now and the other one can you give you a window to the German language, culture and pronunciations.
Sounds like an amazing combo, right?

Let us take a look at some special features of our course!

Features of the Faster German courses!

1. The most affordable way to Learn German in India

The first problem we talked about is learning German at an affordable price. I have seen people spend up to Rs. 20,000 just for A1. With our Faster German A1 course, you do not have to spend a fortune.

You can learn A1 German at just Rs. 4,999. This is by far the lowest price that you can find for a beginner level German course. And the best part is, we do not compromise on the quality of our course!

Here is a breakdown of the course fees

Course TypeCost
A1 LevelINR 6999
A2 LevelINR 6999
A1+A2+B1INR 14,999
A1+A2+B1+B2INR 24,999
Prices of Faster German courses

These prices are absolutely unbeatable!1

PS: A special note just for you. By clicking at the link below, and using the Coupon Code 2000-OFF – you can get INR 2000 discount on the A1 course!

You can also enroll in the Faster German A1 to B2 bundle here with the link below!

2. Learn German at your own pace with LIFETIME ACCESS!

Cover image for Faster German courses with Bharat Chaudhary and Alina. Best Way to Learn German in India

BiG Academy presents to you Faster German, a self-paced German learning platform offering A1 to B2 levels. With flexible recorded lessons, our courses allows students to learn anytime, anywhere, and enjoy lifetime access to course materials.

Experience the benefits of self-paced learning over traditional classes:

  1. Flexibility: Say goodbye to rigid schedules! Faster German lets you study German whenever it suits you. Whether you’re a busy professional or a homemaker, this course adapts to your lifestyle.
  2. Recorded Lessons: Master your German with expertly crafted recorded lessons. Replay the content as needed to fully understand and build confidence in your language skills.
  3. Lifetime Access: Unlike live classes, Faster German provides lifetime access to course materials. Revisit lessons whenever you need a refresher or want to explore topics in depth.
  4. Personalized Learning: Tailor the course to your needs. Dedicate more time to challenging topics, review at your own pace, and progress comfortably. You are not stuffed into a class of 100 other students only to be ignored! This approach boosts comprehension and proficiency.
  5. Convenience: Study from anywhere with an internet connection. Avoid commuting and learn from the comfort of your home, a café, or while traveling.

Enroll in Faster German today and experience the convenience, flexibility, and lifelong learning self-paced courses offer. Start your German language adventure now!

Conclusion : Learn German in India with Faster German courses!

In conclusion, when it comes to learning German in India, making the right course choice can have a significant impact on both your language journey and your finances. While many German language courses charge hefty fees of up to Rs. 20,000 per level, on the other hand Faster German stands apart!

With Faster German, achieving proficiency up to B2 level becomes affordable and accessible. Rather than spending a fortune, imagine attaining fluency in German while keeping your budget intact. Priced at just Rs. 24,999, this comprehensive self-paced course provides exceptional value for your investment.

By choosing “Faster German,” you not only save a substantial amount of money, but also enjoy the convenience and flexibility of learning at your own pace. No longer constrained by rigid schedules or limited resources, you have the freedom to study whenever and wherever it suits you best.

With its remarkable cost-to-value ratio, “Faster German” empowers you to make a wise financial decision while reaping the rewards of a comprehensive language program. Embrace the opportunity to learn German Faster, efficiently, confidently, and without straining your finances.

Students of the Faster German courses have been able to crack Goethe exams easily with exception scores. Take a look at some of the testimonials here!

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