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The Best Way to Study in Germany Easily!

What if I tell you there is an online course on “Study in Germany”.
A course that has more than 1500 students right now.
And this course will help you get an admission to German Public Universities easily!

Sounds fascinating?
Then read on!

Study in Germany
Complete Course for Studying in Germany (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.)

Who am I?

I am Bharat Chaudhary. Founder of Bharat in Germany. I came to Germany in 2016. I studied my Masters in TU Hamburg, that too in the German taught Masters program (M.Sc. Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen).
And during my journey, I have found one thing. Students struggle a lot to get an admission to a German public university. Either they get scammed by local “study abroad consultants”, or, they lack enough time to do proper research because of their studies or work.
To solve all this, I built this online course!

And this course is a ONE-STOP solution, when it comes to studying in Germany, because here we have covered everything when it comes to studying in Germany.

Starting from “applying to the German Public universities”, till “Your Masters is done”.

I actually started  “Complete course for studying in Germany” in 2017. And we have crossed 1500+ students as of 2021.

And my students have managed to get admission to many good public universities just with the help of my course course!

complete course for studying in Germany

What do we offer as part of this course?

Study in Germany course

I have seen students struggle a lot when it comes to Study in Germany.

In which areas do they struggle the most?

• Even if the students do everything by themselves, they don’t get admission to the best universities as per their profile!
There are no specific “Tier” systems in Germany.
But some universities are indeed better than others. And they could have easily managed to get an admit to one of those better universities.

• Some students also get rejections, since they apply to the wrong course which doesn’t suit their actual profile/ grades. And this results in loss of year and loss of an intake.

• They get misguided by the local consultants who have no clue about German education. They write their CV, SOP, and LORs for them and charge a HUGE amount of fees from the students! And needless to say, the students get misguided because of this and end up with rejections.
These consultants also make money by sending the students ONLY to their “partner universities”.

• They spend a lot of time searching for free information on the internet and fail to distinguish the fake from the real, which can actually benefit them.

To tackle all this, I started my online course!

I did my Masters from a German public university and so far I have managed to save many students from such pitfalls!

You should never feel that you are not good enough to have a shot at excellent international education!

And today with 1500+ students in the course, we are still able to deliver what we promised!

And the investment for the course?

Only 299€ (For a limited time)!

So if you are also looking for admission to German universities, then consider enrolling in the course too!

Trust me, you won’t leave empty-handed after you become our student.

Here’s the link: Complete course for studying in Germany

And if you don’t know yet, I have a YouTube channel also, do give it a look?

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