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10 Lessons – Batman can easily help you become the BEST!

Bruce Wayne went through a lot to become the best possible version of himself.

Here are ten life lessons you can learn from our favourite caped crusader to improve your life and career.

Ten Life Lessons Learnt from Bruce Wayne / Batman

1. Limits are just created by us and the society

Batman is one of those superheroes who actually didn’t have any superpowers but he trained himself and upgraded so much that he could match even Superman. Batman is someone who has reached a point in life where he is using almost 100% of his potential, he knows that limits are meant to be broken. He is someone who knows what he can achieve in life can NOT be defined by society.

He knows his goals, his dreams and no one could stop him, not even Alfred could stop him by telling, “Know your limits, Master Bruce.”

Similarly, if you are stuck in a place where others are deciding your goals and limits for you, the time has come to shut them off, completely! You decide your own goals now.

2. Everyone has fears but conquering them is what matters

Bruce Wayne was scared of bats from childhood but guess what he did. He conquered that fear and became?.. The Batman.

Bruce Wayne embracing his fear of Bats

3. In order to achieve anything in life, you must be willing to make sacrifices

Bruce Wayne sacrificed his wealth and trained for several years to fight injustice.

He sacrificed love to prevent putting his loved ones at risk.

He wore a Mask not to keep his identity concealed but to keep his loved ones safe.

So, to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you need to make some really big sacrifices.

4. Have your own values and morals. It defines you as a person

Don’t do it because it’s what everyone tells you to do.

Don’t do it because society tells you to do it.

Or, don’t do it because everyone else is doing it.

Learn to think! Use your brain to know the right from the wrong. Have your own values and morals. It defines you as a person.

5. Pain is inevitable if you want to achieve something in life

But be willing to embrace and overcome that pain and stay true to your course of action. Let nothing deviate you from your goals.

The only thing the pain does is, it makes you stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

6. How will you learn to rise if you never fall?

Similar to the previous lesson, you’d have to fall several times but what REALLY matters is that you RISE.

You stand up each time life brings you down to your knees. You stand up again and then again. Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed by a street thug and from that day, Bruce had fostered the grudge to clean up the streets of Gotham from the goons and thugs when he grows up.

And boy, he did that in style.

Again, the message is, you need to have the mental and physical strength to go ahead in life irrespective of the failures.

Do you know how many times Elon Musk failed in life? This is the story of many successful people. They failed multiple times before they reached the top.

7. Enemies are a necessity in life. And your job is to keep fighting them, enemies are something which will help you grow in life

Enemies can be of various forms, it doesn’t have to be The Joker or Bane for you.

If you are a business owner then the enemy can be a competitor too, learn from their business, correct your business strategy if needed, or take inspiration from them.

Your enemy can also be a “difficult situation” that you are in right now. KNOW that it’s a necessity of life. Instead of conceding to that enemy, you learn from that situation, every difficult situation in life will help you grow and make you a bigger man.

Be grateful that you are facing difficulties in life because it’ll make you become a better person after you come out of that situation, you can trust me on that.

8. The climb might be steep, but you have to start somewhere.

If you are someone who wants to really achieve something in life, you should know that the climb must be steep, bigger the goal, higher you have to climb, BUT don’t let the height scare you.

You should START. You have to start somewhere, take one step at-a-time.

9. Greater the goals you want to achieve, Greater the risk you’ll have to take

In the Dark knight Rises, Bruce had to take the leap of his life when he escaped from Bane’s prison and he had to do it without any external support, he put his life on the line, and because of that, he succeeded.

Well, I am not saying you put your life at risk to achieve something but the risks you take will keep on growing with the magnitude of your goal.

Think about sending a spaceship with humans to another planet, ever imagined the risk involved in it? One false step, one miscalculation and you kill people and burn down billion dollars. So again, greater is the goal, greater the risk. Same applies to life.

Greater the goal, higher the risk

10. In the end, there’s always a way out.

Last but not the least, being Batman is part of the struggle, there will come a day when you no longer have to be The Batman, the mask will no longer be needed.

You’d reach a stage in life when you’d know that you have “achieved” something and the time has come to relax and take rest.

As I mentioned, being Batman is just a part of the struggle. And that struggle is needed to achieve something in life. Sacrifices are needed to achieve something in life. Without them, you can NOT achieve anything.

Take motivation from our very own Dark Knight. He’s a normal human being like you and me (even though he’s a fictional character but he’s someone we can easily relate to and take inspiration from).

So next time you feel you can’t carry on anymore, think about the caped crusader who went through hell in his life to achieve something, to do good.


©Prithwiraj Pal, Bharat in Germany

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