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How to Study Computer Science in Germany for Indian students!

As per various reports, Germany will face a shortage of 3 million skilled employees within 2030, and a majority of these vacancies will be in the field of computer science and IT.
And the shortage of these two professions is already on the rise with respect to other streams!
So the earlier you come to Germany and grab the opportunities the better it is!
In this article, we have covered in detail about how you can Study Computer science in Germany (Jobs, specializations, salaries, and much more!).

Please note, this post is also relevant to students from BCA and IT backgrounds!

Why study Computer Science in Germany?

The first question that probably comes to your mind right now is why should you even consider studying Computer Science from Germany?

A very valid question and here is your answer. First, Germany has the BEST Technical universities of the world. So you’d get nothing less than world-class education (for FREE)!

Two, free education, Germany is the cheapest study abroad destination you can think of. Why? It’s because Germany has ZERO tuition fees in most of the public universities. And the only cost you can think of is only your living expenses.

Three, huge job opportunities. Germany urgently needs CSE and IT professionals to support their economy and students are getting jobs even before their studies are done where the job market is driven by global giants like SAP.

Specializations you can target when you come to study Computer Science in Germany

From Data Science, Software Engineering to Cyber Securities – Germany has everything to offer you in this space.
But choose a specialization which you think suits you and you are passionate about.
This is the most important thing.
Because choosing a subject you are passionate about will ensure that you do well during your studies in Germany and getting a job will become really easy for you after you finish your studies!

Here is an indicative list of specializations of Computer science courses that you can pursue in Germany (Note: these are also applicable for students from BCA, IT backgrounds)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Visual computing
  • Cyber-securities
  • Cloud computing
  • Digital Engineering
  • Information systems
  • Applied computer science
  • Computational Engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Embedded systems
  • Database systems

Where can you work after your studies?

We all know that studying and getting a degree is not enough. After spending some of your years in Germany and also spending your money for your education abroad, you must get a job!
And let me you, because you chose Germany, you are in for a ride! Most of the companies in Germany are looking for qualified IT professionals, programmers, and IT professionals all the time!

  • SAP is a German brand and they are right now a global leader in creating ERP systems at the moment and there are plenty of jobs available in SAP or in the SAP technologies domain.
  • Giants like Google, Facebook have their main offices in the city of Hamburg. And they even take students as an intern also, during their studies.
  • The world-famous German automobile engineering industry needs a huge number of software developers, so you can also expect to work in companies like Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), BMW Group, Volkswagen Group easily. Also, you should get jobs in engineering giants like Siemes AG, Lufthansa etc.
  • Fintech sector and others: Deloitte, PWC, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telecom, Aldi, DHL, Scalable Capital, Zeiss etc.
  • Apart from this, you should also know that 70% – 75% of the German economy is run by the SME (Small and Medium enterprises), Family-owned businesses and start-ups! So they are always looking for qualified IT professionals and programmers!

Germany needs around 3 Million skilled employees by 2030.

So whatever happens, be assured that if you know your trade, you will get a job here after finishing your Computer Science degree in Germany!

Salaries in Computer Science in Germany

Germany is known for its employee-friendly work culture, a sufficient number of holidays, no overtimes whatsoever, but what about the salaries?

First, you should understand the salaries will depend on the location, the industry and also your skills.

Your ability to negotiate salaries will also play a key role!

Please note your Salary will depend on your specialization, your past work experience (if any), skills, and employability!

You can find below the indicative map of region-wise Salaries in Germany in the field of Computer Science.

study computer science in Germany salaries
Source: gehalt.de

Major trends in Computer Science in Germany

Germany will face a shortage of 3 million skilled employees within 2030, and a majority of these vacancies will be in the field of computer science and IT. And even right now, most of the companies in Germany are looking for qualified programmers and IT professionals all the time! That’s why when you are coming to Germany for your studies, it’s also important for you to stay relevant!

And that’s why, you should understand where your industry is going!

Data Science and Machine Learning

There is a huge requirement for data scientists and ML professionals in Germany. And to be relevant in this field you’d need the following skills – R or Python, data visualization skills, and knowledge of statistics.

Cyber Security

With everything going digital, the demand for cyber securities professionals is sky-rocketing. In this domain of study, we generally focus on defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

Full-stack developers

You need to have the ability to develop programs for both Back End (server-side) of the application and also the Front End, or client-side.

SAP and related Systems

SAP, a German brand, has become the Global Leader in creating ERP software in recent times. They also need qualified Software developers in huge numbers to develop their modules. You can also get the chance to work in other companies if you are familiar with the use-cases of the SAP tools.

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study computer science in Germany


I hope by now, you have got an idea of what you should do to study Computer Science in Germany. And like I said, this post is also relevant if you belong from IT or BCA background also.

But this is just the starting point. This is where the game starts, you win the final boss fight when you get an admission letter from any one of the top universities!

And let me tell you the truth here.

Do you know for the top universities the intake ratio is less than 0.001? That means for every 1000 international students applying to the universities all over the world, only 1 student can get in!

So that’s why you need to completely focus on your CV (a German standard CV, not your traditional CV, neither a Europass CV, and nor the CV you have been casually using to apply for jobs).

Also, your SOP or Statement of purpose should be perfect! What we have seen multiple times is that students with average academics but with a brilliant SOP can easily get admission against someone who has brilliant academics but their CV or SOP was not good enough.

And one point students always miss is, you should be applying to the universities based on your background, grades and capabilities, that’s why shortlisting the universities based on your interests and background is of utmost importance rather than applying to them blindly!

Your SOP needs to be on point also, modified as per the universities.

So would you like to be a part of the top German universities or from any one of the 189+ German public universities without any hassles?

We also have a solution for this: Complete course for studying in Germany!

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