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German Government changes Laws: Blocked Account just got more expensive!

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Hello! Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time out to post such informative videos/posts.
I have a sibling who can sponsor my Visa but is having a blocked account still necessary? And what are the documents my sibling has to send to sponsor for me?

Pratik G

Hello Bharat Bhai, I have read the FAQs and still, I couldn’t get a satisfactory answer. My question is about the Visa extensions once the students are in Germany.
As some of us are having Visa Appointments in July last week, we are under the old rule of 8640 Euros. We’ll get visa sanctioned and we’ll fly to Germany. Now, before our 3 months Visa expires, we go for the Resident permit and Visa extension.
My question is – “which amount do we need to show at this application of resident permit – 1. as per old rule OR 2. as per new rule? We will be doing this in the month of December 2019, isn’t it?”

I have added the details now. I don’t think it matters when you extend it, they just want you to have the new amount in your blocked account.


Ty for compiling these screenshots & all the other relevant info. The two email screenshots appear to be contradicting each other. One explicitly states that new amount will be required for Residence Permit applications made *AFTER* 1st Jan 2020. The other email vaguely suggests otherwise.

I applied for visa at the Karachi Consulate on June 12th & received my student visa on July 8th. My blocked account is of 8640 Euros. New applicants at the Karachi Consulate have reported that the staff there is equally clueless about the new rule & how it applies as some applicants were sent back until they have an updated Blocked Account. Some were made to sign a declaration that they will update the Blocked Account *AFTER* visa issuance but *BEFORE* applying for residence permit. While some were made to sign a declaration that they will update their Blocked Account *BEFORE* issuance of visa.

It’s exhausting to be frank.

Sanjiv Sharma


Hope all is well. I have a few questions regarding the blocked bank account. Please reply:

1) Is it necessary to have a blocked bank account even if the university I wish to study in Germany provides student accommodation and meals?

2) The university has informed me that they can provide a letter detailing the duration of student accommodation and meals. Will the Embassy of Germany in India accept it?

3) Can I show funds in a bank account in Germany for my personal expenses? Will the Embassy of Germany accept?

Thank you for your effort.


Sanjiv Sharma

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