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5 Better Ways To Find Companies for Jobs and Internships

5 Better Ways To Find Companies for Jobs and Internships

The biggest confusion of a job applicant or even a student who is studying in a university is that no matter how many full time or part time jobs they apply to, they are just not seeing the kind of results that they were expecting when they started with this daunting process! Hearing sentences like ‘I applied to 200/300/500 job listings but only got rejections!’ becomes very common and this happens to the brightest and smartest of the job applicants! The problem lies in the approach and not in the profile or work experience (or even the lack thereof!). These are the following 5 ways that you can use to find companies for jobs and internships in Germany more easily:

  1. Individually tailored applications on job portals: stepstones.de and indeed.de
  2. Using LinkedIn or Xing
  3. Finding partner companies on university websites
  4. Exploring the Attendee list of public conferences
  5. List of companies in an association or organization

If you just needed to know the headlines, above they are. But if you are really interested and want to learn the actionable details of every single point, you can subscribe to the following for a series of 5 high-value emails and suggestions to help you prepare yourself for the upcoming job, part-time job or internship that you want to do!

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Hello 🙂
I face several questions from my friends back home in India regarding finding a job in Germany, this blog here made it easier for me to reply them 🙂 Now I don’t have to type the same answer everytime for them (rather I send this link) and obviously it is very well explained in this video (compared to how I explain ?). Definitely this will you a good go and boost up your job search.
Great job Bharat ?

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