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How to easily transfer money from India to Germany! – The best way!

Since the day I started Bharat in GermanyI had one simple goal: Making Bharat in Germany, the ONE-STOP solution by making your journey to Germany a lot easier and hassle-free! 🇩🇪
So that you don’t have to look anywhere else when it comes to your studies in Germany.
And One of the major concerns that many upcoming students have is:
How to transfer money from India to Germany?
What is the cheapest way to transfer money from India to Germany?

When you should transfer money from India to Germany?

You probably know by now that on multiple occasions you might have to transfer money from India to Germany or vice-versa.

And what are these occasions?

  1. Transfering money from India to Germany for your Blocked Account. You’d need to transfer an amount of 10,332 Euros (as of 2021).
  2. You need to transfer money from India to Germany for Uni-Assist application fees.
  3. You’d also need to transfer money from India to Germany for university application fees.
  4. For the semester contribution fees you need to transfer money from India to Germany
  5. To pay the tuition fees (in selected universities) you’d need to transfer money from India to Germany
  6. For any emergency or miscellaneous expenses you might need to transfer money from India to Germany

So it becomes important that you should plan this thing out properly. Because without knowing any proper way of transferring money from India to Germany, you might end up spending a lot extra.

So keep reading on..

Yes I know this sounds plain and simple. But where does the problem start?

The problem starts when you see that when you transfer this amount to the German blocked account using “traditional methods” like bank transfer, they would charge you a huge amount EXTRA on top of this.

No what is the solution?
In such cases, it’s always better to use instant Forex remittance services.

And today I will tell you once such Forex remittance services which I have been using for a long time!

I personally have been using Instarem myself since 2019.

And the main advantage that I saw while using Instarem?

You can transfer the money almost instantly!

Plus minimum they charge you the lowest fees for these transactions.

So if you’ve already got an admit from a German university or in the process, then do check out this video to get a detailed guidance on how you can easily transfer money from India to Germany!

And why Instarem?

First, their charges are extremely low and student friendly.

Second, they transfer the amount instantly.

Third, the advantage of getting “Insta points”which you can again use to make future transactions easier.


How to use Instarem?

Using Instarem is quite simple and believe me, anyone who is having even the slightest technical knowledge can use Instarem. For your better understanding and easy accessibility, I am laying down the path to use Instarem.

  1. Sign up from here. As soon as you visit the Instarem website, you will land on the main page where you will find the option to Sign up in the top right corner. After you click on sign up, you need to select that whether you need an individual account or a business account. If you want to use Instarem for personal use then click on individual account. Once you do so, you are then required to fill up your basic details which includes your email id, creating a password and the country in which you are currently residing in.

    You are then required to clear and instant KYC. This can be done using your Aadhaar card or your PAN card.

  2. Filling the details of the Recipient. On this step, you will have to fill the details of the recipient. You can find these details on the Blocked Account Confirmation which you will receive from the blocked account service provider. You can just put all the information in and set the amount of money to be transferred.

  3. OTP and Payment confirmation. Once you proceed with the payment, you will be required to enter the OTP that would be sent to your registered mobile number for the bank from which you’re are transferring the money from.

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Very nice. I have signed up for Instarem and will be using their services for transferring money abroad.

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