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FIVE skills you need RIGHT NOW to find jobs in Germany!

I am living in Germany for a long time now, and I have spoken with so many recruiters in Germany. And I also have been an employer for a significant number of years now.
And one thing I have seen is, the job seekers always make some very basic mistakes when they try to find jobs in Germany!
So in this post, let’s see what are the top 5 basic skills you should focus on right now to make yourself more employable and avoid the conventional pitfalls that job-seekers make!

Top 5 skills you need RIGHT NOW to find jobs in Germany

So what are the top 5 skills you need right now to find jobs in Germany?
Let’s get started!

find jobs in Germany
Are you looking for jobs in Germany? Then this post is for you!

1. Writing skills

So why do you need writing skills to find a job in Germany?
The answer is pretty simple!
You need to write a good cover letter or, a cover email to convey your journey in a crisp and meaningful way.
And your writing should be persuasive, meaningful, and error-free.
And this is extremely important because this is the very first impression you give of yourself to the recruiters!
So the next time you are thinking about sending that Intiativbewerbung, try to focus on your writing skills first and make sure that your cover letter is so persuasive that the recruiter has no option but to take your interview!

​2. Verbal Communication skills

And this is a no-brainer, isn’t it?
To clear the interview round, you should be able to clearly communicate your knowledge and thoughts to the interviewer.
You might know a lot of things but if you can’t convey those things to the recruiter properly then your technical knowledge won’t be of much use!
So work on your speaking skills as much as you can!
You can also try giving mock interviews as I take in the coaching sessions of my course Complete course for finding jobs in Germany.

This will definitely help you in the long run!

3. Technical knowledge

Nobody wants to hire an incompetent employee.
So even if you have excellent communication skills, if you can’t answer during the technical round, you won’t be selected.
Communication skills is the packaging but having domain knowledge about your subject is the main product.
And your main product should be good.
In fact, you are able to get inside a company on the basis of your communication skills. But if you can’t showcase your technical knowledge even during the job​, then in that case, you will end up having no job pretty soon.

​4. Empathy

Empathy is not a skill but it’s a character attribute.
So how do you show empathy to the recruiter?
By focusing on the company you are applying to, while you speak about yourself.
Yes, I totally understand the urge to speak as much as you can about yourself and your achievements in the interview.
But you need to show passion about working for the organization also.
And it’s VERY important.
If the recruiter sees that you are actually interested in working with them and not doing the job for the sake of earning a salary at the end of the month, they will prefer you above others!

By the way, people with high empathy are also known to be good team players.
And why won’t a recruiter want a team player in their team!

5. German language

Lastly, knowing German in the German job market will help you massively.
Applying for the jobs with your CV and cover letters written in German.
Searching for jobs using German keywords, and also giving the interview in German would make you a treasure for any organization on any given day.
Recruiters will always prefer someone who can speak both German AND English over someone who can speak only English or only German.
So if you are an expat, searching for jobs in Germany, you should learn German as soon as possible.

To know more about learning German you can check this article.

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