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SmarterGerman review: The Fastest way to Learn German?

I know there are a lot of free apps, resources that available to learn German, but I’d always recommend you to register for a proper language teacher!
And the BEST way to learn German is always when you can learn from a teacher who is a native German.
People never ask if English is important for USA, Canada, UK, or Australia. But they always ask me if they have to learn German for Germany. So the short answer to this question is: “Yes you should learn German to study in Germany”.
And you need to take this seriously too!
Now before I get on with the SmarterGerman review (taken by Michael Schmitz, a German native with a 20+ years of teaching experience), let me tell you why knowing German is absolutely needed when you are coming to Germany as an international student or a working professional.

SmarterGerman review: (Overall verdict 4.5 out of 5)

Importance of learning German when you are coming to Germany?

You can think of the German language as a weapon or a superpower that you can use when you are in Germany!

SmarterGerman review

From finding jobs, earning promotions, networking with others, living your daily life, calling customer care to go through the websites – You need German in each area of your life!

So you can think the German language as a shortcut to success as an international candidate in Germany.

Let’s explore the top 7 reasons you should learn German to make a living in Germany.

Most companies will always prefer someone who can speak both fluent English and German, over someone who’s only fluent in English.

And how exactly is the German language going to help you in your career?

1. To get promoted to the managerial levels. Someone who knows both German and English will always be preferred for such roles over someone who only knows English.

2. To drive business discussions with the German clients, with whom the business negotiations usually take place in German only.

3. Apart from the huge German MNCs, the largest part of the German economy is mostly run by “family-owned SMEs”.
And the stakeholders of such businesses would always prefer someone who is fluent in German, so that they can speak properly and share their ideas comfortably with you.

4. You can only access 10% to 20% of the German job market if you ONLY know English. (This is a fact, you can ask any jobseekers in Germany)
And also, English-speaking jobs will also require you to know German to network well with your team. You need German also in the corporate team meetings.

And the competition you face in English-speaking jobs will also be huge. A large amount of candidate pool, a small number of vacancies, that too mostly in the MNCs.
You do the math!

5. For better networking with your colleagues, any relevant professionals in your field, business owners, stakeholders, you need to have German proficiency.

6. You’d get a far better responses if you use German keywords in your CVs, write your emails and cover letters in German.

7. Last but not the least, you need to learn German to integrate properly with the society. Making friends, to have a better social life, to enjoy their music and art forms.

To properly settle in inside any country, you need to respect their culture and know their language.

And by learning German when you are coming to Germany, you will be doing exactly that.

Should you enroll in SmarterGerman course to learn German?

Now that we have discussed why learning German is necessary now let’s see what is the SmarterGerman course by Michael Schmitz? And even though the price of the course is quite low, should you enroll in it?

Let me first point out the 10 “Advantages” of the SmarterGerman course

A. SmarterGerman is an online course!

The main thing that I absolutely love about this course is that it’s online. And this helps the students massively. I know many students in Germany, who are also part of Michael’s course and they only did this because it is online. This means, no unnecessary traveling to the coaching classes, you can save both time and money. And also what happens with offline classes is, not all students can learn at the same pace. So some students always get left out. And this is not at all a problem you’d face with the SmarterGerman course! You can learn at your own pace. You can learn in your own time. Any time slot that suits you.

B. SmarterGerman is one of the FASTEST WAYS to learn German

I have spoken with Michael and he had sent me this timesheet to learn German. And he follows exactly this in his course.

SmarterGerman course review

I have also seen his students reaching the levels if they follow his timeline also. And you can clearly see that you can easily reach B1 in just around 90 days or less. This really fast. In most cases for international students or job seekers “time” is of essense and for them this course can be a gold mine.

C. Students love the SmarterGerman course!

I have spoken with many students who are enrolled in the course and almost all of them had given me a positive feedback. And the two most important things that they feel the course excels in are: 1. Speed of learning 2. The price point.

I have already mentioned the speed of learning part in the previous point (Section B), and now let’s come to the price of the course.

If you learn the German language in Germany, the levels are divided like A1.1, A1.2, B1.1, B1.2, and so on. And you pay nearly 300-400 euros for Half a level. So basically, you pay 300-400 euros for one part of the level!

Michael’s course, on the other hand, includes 3 levels combined, that is A1, A2, and B1 at 386.10 Euros. The main reason why he can do this is again, his course is completely online, so no need to rent a classroom and that’s how he had saved cost from his side and the students are getting the benefit in exchange!

SmarterGerman review
SmarterGerman course review

D. The Price of the SmarterGerman course is reasonable and student friendly!

If you learn the German language in Germany, the levels are divided like A1.1, A1.2, B1.1, B1.2, and so on. And you pay nearly 300-400 euros for Half a level. So basically, you pay 300-400 euros for one part of the level!

But the pricing plan of the SmarterGerman course is extremely student-friendly. And this is specially applicable for the A1 to B1 three level combined “Everyday German course”.

Plus with they have also launched the “Ultimate Succes course B1” at an affordable price too!

E. Unique method of teaching German

SmarterGerman is an online course so it gets the advantage of trying out newer and more effective methods of teaching the language.

One thing I have seen is you’d never get “bored” while learning German. And Michael had made it possible by creating multiple things to make it even more interesting.

First of all, he had included a really nice and original “detective story” to make it interesting. Plus he has included songs in German inside the course.

But that doesn’t take away the “seriousness” of learning the language at all!

He also takes live sessions to clear his student’s doubts on a regular basis! Also, he has created a group for his students which helps massively in networking, doubt clearance and would give you any advantage a community would provide.

Summary and Final verdict!

(4.5 our of 5):

To summarize what I liked about SmarterGerman:

  1. Advantage of learnign the language from a German native teacher. If you are asked to teach your mother tongue you’d do the best possible job in doing that. In case of SmarterGerman also, Michael would exactly give you this advantage.
  2. Fastest way to learn German. SmarterGerman course helps your reach B1 in just 90 days. Same is true for the consecutive levels also.
  3. Michael as a teacher. Michael, the creator of SmarterGerman has over 20 years of teaching experience in various language schools. And he has put in every bit of his vast experience and knowledge inside this course.
  4. As SmarterGerman is an online course, you’d learn the language anytime, anywhere. No boundary of the classroom timings, unnecessary time spent on travelling. And also you can learn the language at your own pace!
  5. The pricing. The price of the course is extremely student friendly and competitive (specially for the A1 to B1 combined “Everyday German package”), which make this course even more popular to the students.

How you can join the SmarterGerman course?

This is an online course so you will join the course like you have enrolled for any other online courses previously. As simple as that.

Just click on the links below to access and enroll in the different levels of the course!

  1. Everyday German course (SmarterGerman A1, A2, B1 three level combined package)
  2. SmarterGerman B2 course
  3. SmarterGerman C1 course
  4. SmarterGerman B1 Ulitmate Succes Bundle

What level of German is needed for jobs and Studying in Germany?

I also got to interview with the SmaterGerman creator Michael recently on what level an aspirant should aim for if he wants to come to Germany for jobs and studies.

You can see the full video below:

Some more feedback on the SmarterGerman course on my YouTube channel Bharat in Germany!

I have a YouTube Channel called Bharat in Germany and there I had the chance to take Michael’s interview and this is the feedback I received from my audience!

Which also gives us faith on the SmarterGerman course!

SmarterGerman review

To know more about studying in Germany, don’t forget to download this Free PDF ebook from here: Basic admission requirements for studying in Germany.

Also, don’t forget to check out this detailed post on how can you easily come to Germany for your studies.

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