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Applying to universities: step by step approach with FAQ

Once you have shortlisted universities (https://bharatingermany.com/shortlisting-universities-f…/), the next step is applying to them. The application process can be sometimes confusing, with regards to the documents, options to be selected etc. This article will contain general application procedures when applying directly to a university (not through uni-assist). There is an FAQ section at the bottom which clears most of the doubts.

Step 1 – Gathering Information:
Go to the university website and course website and note down all information you find important, especially the following ones:
1. Mode of application – Directly OR through uni-assist OR with VPD
2. Application deadline
3. Documents required -Sometimes you may not find the list of documents required. Then, simply go to the application portal and in each step, you will be asked to upload a document. You can find a general list below.

Step 2 – Preparing documents
Following are the “general” list of documents required. There can be relaxations or additions.
1 Transcript of records
2 Degree certificate
3 12th standard certificate
4 English and/or German language certificate
5 Statement of purpose
6 Letter of recommendation
7 CV
If the university asks you to send the documents by post, you MUST get them notarized (only the copy of certificates). Once you have all the required documents in hand, go to the next step.

Step 3 – Finding the application portal
There may be separate portal for students from each category -EU or non EU, Bachelor or Master applicant etc. Read the instructions carefully and understand which category you belong to and find the portal meant for you.

Step 4 – Creating a separate email id
This step may seem silly, but is very important if you intend to apply to a number of courses. There are chances that you miss the important emails due to large number of mails in your regular one. Sometimes, the email from the university can go to spam folder (yes it has happened to me more than once). So a separate email-id which you don’t use anywhere else is required, so that searching in the spam folder is easy and not cluttered. Keep an option to forward all the mails from this one to your regular one (so that you don’t miss on updates).

Step 4 – Applying
There is no generalized procedure here. The portal of each university is different. For some, you may have to register with your email id. After opening the portal, you will be asked to upload the documents in each step and also to fill in your details. Upload a simple NON-NOTARIZED COPY. In most cases, you will be given an application form after submitting all the documents. The next step will be one of the steps 5.1 to 5.4 (varies with the university)

Step 5.1
Print out the application form, SIGN IT, take the attested copy of all documents you uploaded and send it to the university. Mostly, the address will be mentioned on the application form. Use edulix express service to send the documents. It will reach in 3 days and you need to pay 970 rs only.

Step 5.2
Print out the application form, sign it, scan and upload in the application portal and voila..

Step 5.3
In certain cases, the university will ask you to make a payment for processing you application. They will provide all the details. Go to a bank and make a forex transaction to their bank account. Do not forget to mention purpose of remittance. This format will be provided by the university.

Step 5.4
Sometimes, a simple upload of documents is necessary (eg. TUHH). You can then directly jump to step 6.

Step 6 – Keeping track and waiting
Though it seems like a very simple step, there are people who have lost admission because they were lousy here. Login to the application portal AT LEAST once a week and check the status (if they provide you with such an option). Sometimes, there might be missing documents which you have to upload and the details are updated in this portal.
*Hint: During this time, you can book for a visa interview. If you know the approximate time the results will be out, take some safety factor and book an interview. If you try to book the interview after you get the admit, you may have to wait another 6 weeks in the waiting list. In case you don’t get the result within time, you can still postpone the interview.

Once these steps are done, your application is complete. You can check the FAQ section below.


1. Which documents do I need to send? 
A: The details are provided in the university website or you can find out in the application portal.

2. Do I need to get the documents notarized?
A: Your CV, SOP and similar documents NEED NOT be notarized. Notarization is the process of “authenticating” the photocopies, i.e, the seal says that the notary has seen the original document and verified it with the copy. All the copies of certificates (eg. 12th, degree, IELTS etc) must be notarized, if and only if the university has asked you to send them by post.

3. What is university entrance qualification or HZB?
A: HZB stands for Hochsculzugangsberechtigung which is university entrance qualification. It is our 12th standard certificate (NOT migration certificate, but mark sheet).

4. I am asked to upload a German health insurance in the portal. What should I do?
A: You can skip the step and submit the health insurance while enrolling at the university.

5. I will not get the IELTS/TOEFL/German language certificate before the deadline. What should I do?
A: If the university has asked you to submit it before deadline, you MUST submit it. If they have not mentioned anything in specific, mail the international office.

6. I am in my 7th semester. Can I apply for this course?
A: Many universities allow you to apply even if you haven’t completed your bachelors. But, you may need the transcript of records containing information up to your 7th semester. You can find information regarding that in the university website. If you can’t, try mailing them.
*Hint: If the university allows you to apply “if you already have 150 credits (ECTS) in a 180 credit bachelors or 180 credits in a 210 credit bachelors“, that means YOU CAN apply with 7 semester results.

7. How can I get my transcript of records?
A: It is provided by the university in which you are currently studying. Ask the concerned office in your college for guidance.

8. How many transcript of records should I order?
A: You generally need only 1. But it is safe to take 3 (if you are applying to several courses). You can take a photocopy, get it attested and send it to all universities.

9. Can I send the attested copy of each semester mark list/grade card?
A: No. You need the transcript of records.

10. Should I get both sides of a paper notarized?
A: If there is printed data on both sides of a paper, both sides must be notarized.

11. Is my notarization correct?
A: Check if all 4 items are present as per the following sample.

12. Where should I get the documents notarized?
A: A government approved notary will be able to do it for you. Further, you can get them attested by the German consulate too. For that, you have to schedule an appointment for document verification in the embassy website and be present at the consulate with original and copies at the scheduled time. Some universities allow the educational documents (eg. degree certificate, transcript of records etc.) to be attested by the institution that issued them (eg. university), but check the website of the university if they have allowed this.

13. Can I apply to more than 1 course in a University?
A: Depends on the university. Some (like TUHH) allow you to apply to only one course per intake. Some like RWTH allow up to 6 and many have no restrictions.

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Santosh saran Nagineni

I have studied my bachelors in Tamilnadu but living in andhrapradesh where should I notarized the documents if the university asked to send the documents via post. can I get the certificated notarized in my living area or should I need to go to the place that I have studied?

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