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7 advantages of studying in Germany for Indians in 2022!

Think about a country where you get each one of the following things –
1. Free education / zero tuition fees
2. Huge numbers of job and internship opportunities
3. Employee friendly work culture
4. Access to the entire continent of the European Union

This is what Germany is about, and that’s why each year a record number of Indians are coming to Germany for their education and career.
I also did the same after I finished my Bachelors in India in the year 2016 and came to Germany for my studies.
And in this post, we will discuss 7 major advantages of studying in Germany for Indians in 2022.

So without any further delay, let’s get started!

1. Free education!

One of the Massive advantages of studying in Germany is the Tuition-free education that you receive in most of the public universities!
And this makes “studying abroad” so much easier for most of the Indian students!
This means, no more huge student loans, getting your parents into debt to give out the tuition fees. The only cost that you’d incur when you are in Germany is the living cost and the semester contribution. And the semester contribution would also give you some added benefits – like free public transport inside the city.
So the financial burden that comes to your mind when you think about studying abroad, it gets totally nullified when you come to study in Germany

2. Germany needs qualified employees at the moment

“Germany is Running out of Workers: 400,000 New Immigrants Needed Every Year!”
And the situation is simple really. Germany is a country with a really old population. And they need young students and employees from outside EU to sustain their economy.
And they need to do this immediately!
This means the students graduating this year from German universities will get huge opportunities to get the best jobs quickly.

And this is why I always tell students to take quick actions.
And trust me, an efficient country like Germany needs only 2 to 3years to solve such problems.
So I’d still say students targeting the 2022 intakes are going to be REALLY important!
Because you’d graduate ideally in the year 2024 (if you start Masters in 2022) and 2026 (if you do Bachelors) in Germany.
So if you be quick and come to Germany in 2022 or latest by 2023, you’d still get this HUGE opportunity to be a part of this MASSIVE recruitment drive in Germany.

That’s for sure!

You can also check out this video where I have addressed this in detail

3. Germany — The European Powerhouse:

Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world.

Germany is the largest economy in Europe.

The country has gone through innumerable struggles and setbacks throughout their history. But still, this is where they are right now.

And yes, this is Germany. This is the German mentality that all of us admire around the world.

So what does this mean to you?
You get access to this economy, the booming job market, great places to work and get your education.

And not only that, Germany as a country would offer you many places to enjoy your weekends too (not only inside Germany but also in and around Europe)!

Unlike other study abroad destinations like the USA, Germany is safe for international students with low crime rates. People, especially the young generation is friendly and you’d find people coming from various countries including larger numbers from India, and this would help you massively to integrate and get familiarized with Germany quite easily.

advantages of studying in Germany
Crime rates comparison data – Germany vs USA

4. World Class education

Doing Masters essentially means having a good quality education too.
Universities like Technical University of Munich (TUM), RWTH Aachen, KIT, TU Berlin, TU Hamburg, and all the other technical universities are one of the leading universities in Germany but also in the world.
Apart from the Technical Universities (Technische Universität), Germany will also give you various options depending on your interests! Starting from your University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) – where your practical experiences will be enhanced, to doing Ausbildung- which is the German term for “apprenticeship” in various professions. It is a form of a vocational training program in blue collar professions as craftsmen, cleaner, carpenter, nurse, butcher, secretary, or train driver.
Coming to Germany will make sure that you receive excellent education when you arrive here.
And not only that, Germany will also prepare you for doing a Ph.D. or for the corporate world, whichever way you want to take your career.
Whatever you do, having a degree from one of these reputed German Universities will open up some excellent opportunities for you careerwise.

If you want to know more about the step-by-step process of coming to Germany for your Masters, you can check the following video!

5. 18 Months Job search VISA

If you go to the UK you have to come back after your studies is done, in the USA you have to wait for your entire life to get a green card.
But Germany is a class apart here!
When it comes to searching for jobs in Germany you will get an 18 months job search VISA post-study!

This means, you will have ample time and opportunity to land a job here.

So when you come to Germany for your studies, you not only get a world-class education plus Germany will give you the chance to settle down also by getting a job post-study.

And this is one of the biggest advantages of studying in Germany.

6. PR (Permanent Residency) after two months!

On top of the 18 months job search VISA, Germany’s PR process is also easy and streamlined!
Graduating from a German university will make you eligible for a PR just after two years!
This means, if you have worked in Germany for two years on a residence permit post the completion of your studies, you will be eligible for PR.
When other countries like the US have a lottery system for Green Card, in Germany this process is really straightforward and simple!

7. Lack of qualified workers

Take an opportunity when it’s there!

“Germany is Running out of Workers: 400,000 New Immigrants Needed Every Year!”
You can check out the following article from one of the biggest newspapers in Germany Handelsblatt.

advantages of studying in Germany
Germany is running out of workforce – Handeltsblatt

The situation is simple really.
Germany is a country with a really old population.
And they need young students and employees from outside of EU to sustain their economy.

And they need to do this immediately!
It’s a fact, coming from the statistics offices of Germany.
Today Germany face a lack of qualified workers to support its economy. So, right now, if you want to come to Germany for your studies, then you will have excellent opportunities!
Be it a job, internship or, part-time jobs, when you are a student, you will have excellent opportunities to settle down here.

Every country has its own advantages and disadvantages when comes to moving or studying abroad.
And Germany has its own disadvantages too!
But in spite of everything, I would recommend Germany anytime with respect to countries like U.S, Canada, U.K or even Australia when it comes to your education.

I had experienced those advantages first-hand and don’t want you to miss out on them too.

If you want to know more about studying in Germany, you can read the free PDF e-book on the “Basic admission requirements of studying in Germany” by clicking the image below!

Advantages of studying in Germany
Click above to download the Free PDF Ebook and know about the Basic admission requirements of studying in Germany!
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