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BiG Newsletter First Issue October 2018

BiG Newsletter First Issue October 2018
The first ever newsletter of our BiG Family is out now and can be downloaded above↑
When I was putting the newsletter together, I was literally getting Goosebumps by reading the different inspiring and sometimes sad stories that our community members had to share and I was just wondering how come they haven’t started writing their own blogs yet. It was amazing to see how actively some of our members took part in this initiative and came out to share their pieces of literary art when called out for!
This project is going to give our community a very strong sense of belongingness and togetherness because this is something you really need once you come to a completely different country. You are not in your comfort zone anymore, you don’t have the mental or financial security of your parents, but you have another 20 thousand people in the exact same situation like you are, going through their student lives to end up with a good job and start their lives properly in Germany.
As I wrote in my article in the newsletter, your parents aren’t here. All we have here is each other and we should use this opportunity to make a strong and long-lasting network of motivated and highly engaged individuals who might help you back out when you might need some.
For the next newsletters, you can put a note in your calendar for the 30th of every month for submissions of text, art, photographs or events to the email address: newsletter@bharatingermany.com.
So, don’t forget to read and share this newsletter and write in the comments sections, which stories and what parts of it inspired you the most!
Have a great weekend!
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Mohammed Aquib

Wonderful to see how BiG is creating so much of awareness among the community and helping people like us who are in/gonna be arriving in Germany in pursuit of their ambitions.
Kudos to the entire team for putting in all the hardwork.
Wishing you all the success for future work.
Keep going!

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