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Below is the selection of the work that I have created after being inspired by an idea and thinking of changing the lives of the readers with the help of these books, who can gain massive value from it. After all, there are some life shaping secrets that I can whisper in your ears only through a book.

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e-books are good for the environment. Not only is there no need for toxic inks and large presses or bookbinding machines, e-books also save energy in non-existent transportation and packaging costs. You can make an infinite amount of copies of an e-book, and you’re not killing any trees by purchasing one!


As there are no printing costs involved, e-books are very inexpensive and affordable that every interested person can afford. Not only are there no shipping costs involved, but also no cost for bookbinding or printing press. You can read large number of pages without feeling the weight of all those words in your pocket. 


Not only does it support the authors by letting them have full control of how they are publishing the book but it also lets them communicate to their lovely audience directly. There is no outside interference between their readers and the work they passionately create to share with them.