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This book is a story of an Indian graduate, who after doing his Bachelors in the hopeless field of Civil Engineering in a university which was in the middle of nowhere, tries to find his way through the difficulties of his home country. After falling into a hole of resentment and unable to see his future in India, he decided to move abroad where he meets his wife and settles down with her in this new country which seemed like a paradise to him. But was it really?

With 27,000 words is narrated to you the tale of this noob student from India, who tried to push through the stress-free years of JEE/AIEEE preparations, but failed miserably, then landed in a student hostel, where the luxury of life and the delicacy of food would make a King’s lifestyle look bland, in the end, to find some of the best friends that he could possibly ever had, only to move abroad to leave all of that behind.

You can use this book either to entertain yourself through this story of ups and downs of an interracial couple or take it as a step by step guide where the author tells you in detail about how to:

  • Fail in JEE/AIEEE , but which also doesn’t end your life.
  • Choose a different country to live in.
  • Figure out the good and bad reasons for moving abroad.
  • Make the best decision and staying committed to it.
  • avoid the screw-ups that we did in our lives.

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  1. kartikchaudhary81 (verified owner)

    Your struggle was inspirational one…

  2. Anirudh Singh (verified owner)

    This is not a story but a guide to better life which you cannot adopt by reading it only once. Bharat’s experiences give hope to any person, who is stuck in a dilemma in any walk of life and the thinking that it is normal to make mistakes and not overthink too much have just made my heart and mind rest a bit.

    Thank you, Bharat and Alina! This book is wonderful.

  3. Aditya Mehta (verified owner)

    This book (an autobiography) tells journey of a person who is experiencing Germany, not only since recent years but since his birth indeed. It contains memoirs of struggles of an Indian student who feels himself in dilemma even after taking the best possible options for his career and finally how he zeroes in to move abroad. All of these insightful stories are real-life events and altogether, it is an inspirational book to crystallize your thoughts of moving abroad on the right foundation and what all unexpected things can happen in this path and how to overcome that.

  4. Nuruzzaman Milon (verified owner)

    The book is a great inspiration to the people who wants to settle outside of their country. Great writing. Keep it up.

  5. Garima singh (verified owner)

    So i was already reading a book ( the subtle art of not giving a fuck), when Bharat launched his book. I bought it with a friend’s debit card ( PayPal doesn’t recognise mine), because i had been following Bharat’s work for a while now and i was waiting eagerly for this book. iI was also sure that this book would be honest and raw and wonderful. I bought and read it that very day. I couldn’t stop reading because some parts were so relatable, that it made me realise that all of us our struggling and we just have to find out own ways to deal with it. It takes alot of courage to let people know about your life, your struggles and problems that you have faced. And Bharat and Alina have done that bravely so that others can at least have an idea that life is not simple, but if you take it as one step at a time then you will get by. The struggles of moving abroad, leaving your parents and friends, every thing was summarized beautifully . This book tells you that you dont always have to deal with the crap that people throw your way, you can choose not to. You can choose to do something on your own and for yourself. And this book tells you that its okay to do so. Work hard and you will find you way. Some parts were hilarious and so funny and some were emotional .
    Great work

  6. Garima Singh

    I was already reading some other book when Bharat launched his book. I immediately dropped that one and purchased Bharat’s book with a friends card because my card wasn’t working with PayPal and i had been waiting eagerly for this one. I was sure this book would be inspirational and informative. What i didn’t know was that it would be so relatable, humorous and emotional. It perfectly summarizes so many aspects of an Indian student. It makes you realise that you are not the only one going through difficult times and at the same time it gives you some hope that you will get through this. It takes a lot of courage to let the world know about the problems you have faced, and Bharat and Alina have done that very bravely. Their bravery is inspirational. It truly is. The book is exactly what it should be : Raw and honest. And that makes it wonderful. This book gives you a very systematic way to arrive at a very important question ” should you really move abroad? How can you form a better opinion regarding this”. The book tells you that it is completely okay for you to not follow the herd and for once think about yourself and what you want. Even though this book is about someone’s personal life, it still has that amazing thing about it where it connects with you and this particular aspect makes it a very good read.

  7. Manish Maruthi (verified owner)

    Paisa Vasool!!
    I recommend this book to the ones who consider going abroad is simple and easy. I did not know much about Bharat and started reading the book just hoping for tips and tricks to live in abroad but this book is much more than that.

    I felt that 68 pages are very less and I would have liked much more detailed in information about the course in TUHH. But nonetheless it’s a good buy.
    Thank you Bharat

  8. Ekhalak Ansari

    your journey truly is relevant to most of the students these days, going through the obstacles and losing hope has been a trend among us students. you truly inspire all of us. cheers bro, keep this up and hope to see you soon 🙂

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