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My name is Bharat Chaudhary and I am doing Masters at the Technical University of Hamburg, Germany. Along with being a full time student, I am a Youtuber, a Guide and an Entrepreneur in the digital creative world.

I experienced Germany the first time independently in October 2014, at the age of 19, when I flew to Friedrichshafen to submit a research paper for an international conference. 

After coming to Germany in the summer of 2016, I started my German taught Masters program in the field of Structural Engineeering. I spent one semester getting used to the new way of doing things and the organisational changes of the studies, but realised after one semester that the thought of spending the rest of my life sitting in front of a computer screen and calculating bending moments and shear forces in building isn’t something that I would love to do.

Realising that, I decided to change my course and to use the remaining 6 months when my new course was supposed to start, I was looking to spend my time more productively. I used to get quite a few number of messages on my Facebook asking how they can start their studies in Germany too and after a while, it became a bit redundant to write the same things over and over again. This is when I decided to start my YouTube channel ‘Bharat in Germany!’ (My real name happened to be pretty useful in coming up with this fun channel name) and upload videos regarding the application processes and lifestyle of Germany.

I didn’t plan the channel to have the kind of reception that it had but now after having around 100k subscribers in 18 months, that tiny side project turned out to be successful and actually helped students in going through their entire application process and journey to Germany without getting ripped off by lacs of rupees by the consultants.

During our meetups in India (March, 2018), we met over 1200 students in 7 different cities in India over a span of 12 days, most of which came to Germany in the next intake. We are planning to cover even more cities this time in 2019 and meet more of our viewers and subscribers and share with them why Germany is a great option for further studies!

Along with running this website, my YouTube channel and managing the over 25k strong Facebook group, I am also completing my Masters in International Management and Engineering at Technical University of Hamburg and helping students/professionals with their aims and goals in Germany.

Once the Masters is done, I am planning to continue my PhD in marketing and keep sharing my experiences along the journey. 

Feedback & Reviews

Here’s what the people say!

“I had an one hour session with Mr.Bharat….really had a great time with him…Initially i was confused about the universities,application porocess,food and other stuffs…But after the session,the picture in front of me was completely different and clearer. He made my decision about studying in germany more secure. Trust me guys..this man is the one who can drive our boat to germany…thank you. “

Soham Kulkarni


“I had a Personal session with Bharat. In just an hour , I climbed a lot of my career ladder. I came out of the session with a lots of useful informations . I will definitely suggest this session , anyone who has ambition but do not exactly know what is the right thing to do at that moment, regarding MS in Germany .
I wouldn’t think twice in future to purchase it, if i find myself in a similar situation “

Rishov Biswas


“Had a 1 hour session with Bharat , he really gave some very useful information about Germany and also gave and showed me good information regarding the application process. Overall the session was very informative and more than well worth the price as other consultants are a total rip off.
Thanks Bharat for the very informative and geniune advice given by you. “

Vibhor Chada


How can I help you?

Over years of experience of meeting different people and building my social network, there are things that I can definitely help you out with!

I’m a public speaker and have addressed different audiences internationally.

During my meetups in India in March 2018, I visited Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Kurukshetra, where I met over 1200 people, held Seminars and answered their questions and queries. I have done the same with an international audience in Bremen and Friedrichshafen in Germany, along with many others cities.

Social Media expertise: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Since I started my YouTube channel on 23rd January 2017, I have had a lot of experience with engagement on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook groups and Instagram. I currently run a Facebook group of over 20,000 members with help of a small team of highly active moderators.

I love to write and make videos!

I wrote my first book ‘Moving Abroad’ in Summer 2018, where I described my journey of moving to a different country, starting a life there and contrasting it with the life back in India. The book was warmly welcomed by the viewers and meanwhile, I am working on expanding the original version. Meanwhile, I keep on making videos around studies, lifestyle, social issues and product reviews. 

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