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Get another shot at an ADMIT to your dream university! After purchase, please send your order number to bharat@bharatingermany.com for further steps.

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Rejection from a German university is not the end of your dreams. There are tens of students who have applied for reconsideration and received an admit afterwards and to see what a positive effect it had on their academic situation, you can check out some of the testimonials of the students towards the end of this description. Most of the universities let you appeal against their decision of rejection by offering you to send them a ‘Reconsideration Letter’ or a ‘Widerspruch’ and it doesn’t matter if you are applying for Masters or Bachelors in a technical field or traditional field.

Before applying for this service, please write to us stating the name of the university to which you want to take this service for, so that we can tell you if the particular university has that provision or not.

Some universities DO NOT offer the provision of writing a reconsideration letter. Some of those universities are:

  • TU Munich
  • TH Ingolstadt
  • RWTH Aachen

That’s why as soon as you get a rejection from a university which allows you to write a ‘WIDERSPRUCH’, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Once you have applied for the service, we will write to you an email asking for your CV, Rejection Letter and your University Transcripts. After we have all the documents, we will prepare a detailed ‘How-To’ document for you, specially tailored to your case, where you will have step by step approach for starting and finishing your reconsideration letter along with getting access to documents of students who have already been successful in this process. Once it’s done, you will send it to us and we will review it. Please note that the review can take some time, so please apply for the service timely.

We always encourage students to give this a try because nothing worse can happen than what already has. It can only get better. We will stay with you throughout this journey and explain you every single detail on how you can make your reconsideration have the most positive impact on the admission committee. Please note that many universities might ask you to pay the fee for processing the Widerspruch, if it fails, but if the appeal holds up in the university’s admission committee, then, you don’t have to pay anything extra at all to the university.

  1. Sumant Deo (verified owner)

    It was a huge help, as it indeed helped me secure the admit. Thank you for all the help.

  2. Vishnu Narayanan (verified owner)

    I chose this service to apply for a reconsideration at TUHH-MEM. The reason for my rejection was inadequate amount of credits in Mathematics.

    After choosing this service, I was provided with all the required information, samples and means to draft a complete, strong reconsideration letter.

    The service was satisfactory and helped me get another shot at one of my most desired courses.

    Thank you Bharat for the guidance.

  3. Estafania (verified owner)

    Bharat helped and guided me with a reconsideration at TUM. He explained me the process, what they expected from the letter, according to my case, and gave me great insights.

    At the end, I got a direct admission for the program I was applying.

    One more time, thanks Bharat for all your help.

    I truly recommend this service

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