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Find answers to all your questions about studying or working in Germany!

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Once you have made the payment, please send an email to appointment@bharatingermany.com with your receipt of payment. I will reach out to you then with the time slot. 

The session will be beneficial for the following target groups:

  • Foreigners who are planning to come to Germany for any purpose

During your planning about the journey to Germany, it is sometimes possible that you might reach some places, after which you wish there was somebody to answer all of these questions for you. If this situation says something to you, just apply for a 1 on 1 call, talk to me and clear your doubts about anything related to Germany.
Some of the suggestions for a session could be:

  • Guidance for Accommodation search
  • Suggestions for finding internships in Germany
  • Course selection
  • Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Germany
  • Support in choosing to move into a city or the other
  • Some application for the university or registration processes in Germany
  • Guidance to arrive at a decision when you are at an important pivoting point in life and don’t know what exactly you should do
  • Or just any another issues that you might need support with

Make notes of the questions you want to ask, write them in the remarks section while putting up your order, so that a lot of your time doesn’t get wasted. Once you have made the booking, we will reach out to you with relevant times.

If you are a student / professional already living in Germany, you’ll find relevant appointments with Bharat under this link: https://bharatingermany.com/appointment

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15 Minutes, 30 Minutes


Studying in Germany
Lifestyle in Germany
MS/MBA/MiM courses in Germany
Masters in Germany
Bachelors in Germany
Ph.D. in Germany
Starting Business in Germany
Any other dilemma or decision you need guidance with.



  1. akhilrajca (verified owner)

    Had the one hour personal session with Bharat sir, and it helped me a lot. As I was applying for german taught master courses in mechanical engineering and automotive field, I had to shortlist the courses of my preference from 28 Universities which had around 65-70 courses related to my interest field. I was completely lost and had no clue to which courses I should apply.
    After the session, I got a much clearer picture regarding the application, and how I should select the university which helped me narrow down the list. Further, I got the answers to many questions which I could not find in the internet, or which I did not know how to find.

    If you want any personal guidance or advice tailor made for you, then this is option for you. If at some point of application process or afterward, you feel that you need the support of anyone, this session will be definitely be helpful. The sessions are totally worth the price tag and has actually saved me quite a lot of money. If it were not for this guidance, I would have had to apply for many more universities unnecessarily, which would have costed me a lot.
    So, if you are an aspirant and need any sort of help, contact Bharat sir. The service offered is of really of high standard and you will definitely save quite a lot of pain and struggle.

  2. vibhor chadha (verified owner)

    Had a 1 hour session with Bharat , he really gave some very useful information about Germany and also gave and showed me good information regarding the application process. Overall the session was very informative and more than well worth the price as other consultants are a total rip off.
    Thanks Bharat for the very informative and geniune advice given by you.

  3. Arjit

    I had a long 1-hour conversation with Bharat. The conversation was really insightful. Bharat explains the entire mindset of how admission happens in great details and provided underlying strategies to make your mark in the minds of the admission committees. Its something no other person, but someone who studied and lives there can tell. Bharat is the only person that I know, can actually help you with your admission when it comes to Germany.

  4. NB (verified owner)

    I had a 1 hour gainful conversation with Bharat. He clarified all the queries I had and explained me the in and out of doing Masters in Germany which boosted my confidence levels. I must say the kind of experience Bharat and team has is very unique because they are explaining us things which they went through as part of their education in Germany, which is genuine.

    Apart from the session, Bharat was so kind that he shared me some of the important links which are very useful for me to pursue my masters. The one to one session experience I had with Bharat was very informative which no other consultancy would have given me. Thank you once again Bharat for all the beneficial and genuine information given.

  5. prinnysr (verified owner)

    Just had a session with Bharat. It is always useful to talk to someone regarding your studies abroad as it a major step in your career. I can happily add that all my doubts are clear. It is important to have a clear and HONEST picture of the scenario. Consultants might give you false hopes and you may end up nowhere. Utilize your time and resources wisely. And it is truly amazing what Bharat is doing. Despite being a student himself, taking out time and helping students is truly commendable. After talking to him I’m much more motivated and also happy that I took the right decision. Those of you who are in a similar place I would highly recommend talking to Bharat. Do your research in finding some courses that suit your interest. Make a list of all your doubts and talk to Bharat.
    Thank you so much Bharat.
    and good job
    it’s really amazing what you are doing
    keep up the good work

  6. Rishov (verified owner)

    I had a Personal session with Bharat. In just an hour , I climbed a lot of my carrier ladder. I came out of the session with a lots of useful informations . I will definitely suggest this session , anyone who has ambition but do not exactly know what is the right thing to do at that moment, regarding MS in Germany .
    I would’nt think twice in future to purchase it, if i find myself in a similar situation

  7. Bijoy (verified owner)

    Had an intriguing session with Bharat Sir yesterday, and I must say that was really insightful and informative.I was torn between English taught courses and German-taught courses, but NOW I know what I need to do.Thanks to Bharat Sir for that.Honestly, I didn’t think it that way!.He also gave me ideas to be prolific during my course curriculum.

    I always watch his videos and the way he presented those videos, taking the cameras to the supermarkets and everywhere, showed his commitment.And so I didn’t have to think twice about applying for this session and I would suggest anyone who is looking for some kind of help or advice, he is your go-to guy.

    And on behalf of many other students, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and wish you best of luck in all your future endeavors.

    Thank You.
    Holiday Greetings!!!

  8. randeep

    This guy is great. The information he gave is just unique and I have been to many consultants as well. They just want your money and will make a fool out of you after you give it to them.
    This is the place everyone should come for guidance.

    Thanks Bharat.

  9. herrbhavin (verified owner)

    Session was great that’s clear all my douts and also Bharat Bhaiya ka nature super he.I was confused about selecting German taught program but after this session my all douts are clear and also get worthy information which help me a lot.

  10. SOHAM

    I had an one hour session with Mr.Bharat….really had a great time with him…Initially i was confused about the universities,application porocess,food and other stuffs…But after the session,the picture in front of me was completely different and clearer. He made my decision about studying in germany more secure. Trust me guys..this man is the one who can drive our boat to germany…thank you.

  11. Bhavdeep Singh (verified owner)

    I had very good personal session with Bharat . He was very much supporting throughout the session and information which he gave to me came out through his experience which he shared with me . He gave me information about colleges in which i could get admit . Moreover he helped me with my rejection which came from TU Berlin in geodesy and geoinformatic masters . So i would personally recommend if anyone is in any dilemma regarding admission must clear his doubts with Bharat .

  12. ankitabehura (verified owner)

    After following many of Bharat’s videos on YouTube which are thoroughly lucid , I was still not sure about my decision of pursuing masters in Germany.But, this personal session with Bharat bolstered my decision of going to Germany for masters as well as helped me to wade off so many questions we have while taking the very first steps of this journey.

    It helped me in having a clear road map for Masters in Germany, which included shortlisting degree programs , importance of learning German, and in general several other questions to which he answered in the most honest and factual way ,as possible.
    Thanks, Bharat! for helping out students achieve their dreams in the best way you can.

  13. Shashank

    I had an hour session with Bharat. I had lots of doubt regarding masters and jobs in Germany. He cleared all of them. He provided me with an information about the jobs and course of hospitality. Even he guided me for the how can I find an internship in Germany.
    Thank you so much, Bharat. And keep moving forward to help people as well as in your carrier.

  14. Swapna Vivek (verified owner)

    I am so glad that I got a chance to talk with Bharat regarding my brother’s bachelor studies in Germany. He gave me a clear picture of the country in all aspects and specifically in terms of studies. He had solutions to all my queries. So I was very well relieved. I wish if Bharat expands this service even in other countries, may be by grouping different people from different countries who can give such reliable clear ideas about abroad studies.
    Wish you all the best Bharat!

  15. Siddharth

    Sometimes, you just need someone to really understand your aspirations in life and help you see that its okay to have a particular aspiration even though it seems senseless to others.
    I am the kind of person who has fixed opinions about something and yet seek advice from others on the same. I guess Bharat was able to see through that very swiftly and encouraged me to go in the very direction I wished to. At the same time, he keeps his opinion in front of you and is not simply a yes-man & that’s what I really appreciated about him.
    Next time, you want someone who can walk in your shoes and really understand you, try Bharat!
    PS : Felt like talking to a long lost friend! See you in Hamburg 😀

  16. Rajat (verified owner)

    Bharat knows the education system and the German job market quiet well; His experience can certainly help you to clear the air in between. The most important thing here to note is (which I found really helpful) the straight forwardness – if he does not know answer to a particular question you asked, he accepts it and try to find solution for the problem. As far as my recommendation goes, if you are stuck in a middle or have some doubts about Germany you should contact Bharat.

    I had very nice experience and after the session I was very much confident about my decisions. Its worth every penny; if you have taken so much efforts to come done and read my review; Please go ahead and book the session, trust me you won’t regret it.

  17. Pranavrajojha (verified owner)

    This session was really wonderful. I got to know the reality of these counsellors who just want to take money out of pockets. At least because of this session, I saved my lakhs of rupees. Thanks, Bharat Sir.

  18. Aritra Biswas (verified owner)

    One hour session was not even one hour when you are talking with Bharat. He was so generous to clear all the doubts in a friendly way.
    I was very apprehensive about Germany and the universities but he cleared it all.
    Thanks Bharat and looking forward to few more sessions

  19. Udit Mahajan (verified owner)

    If there was no barrier on stars you can rate, I would have rated an INFINITY. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. YOU ARE JUST PERFECT FOR THE JOB. You solved all my problems within a blink of an eye. If I would have not talked to you, I WOULD HAVE REGRETTED ALL BY LIFE BY DOING SOMETHING I NEVER EVEN WANTED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE. Thank you very much man. I just cannot find the right words to tell HOW AWESOME YOU ARE. Trust me, YOU ARE THE BESTEST. The help and guidance you gave me was just one another level. I don’t think any other person can be this good.


  20. Vishnu Narayanan (verified owner)

    The one hour personal session with Bharat was actually a lifesaver. It was a hard time for me because I was working, learning the German language and applying to universities at the same time. It was really difficult to find time for information regarding the application process. That is when I got into the application process for TUHH-MEM course. My major issues were related to the ECTS conversion from our Indian credit system which is not at all consistent. During the one hour session, he patiently heard all the problems and found out a solution for the problem which helped me.

    If anyone has any problems or doubts, then opting for this service will be the solution to majority of the problems. In case, a ready solution to the problem is not available at that time, he’ll follow up really well later via mail and help.

    Thank you Bharat for this wonderful service. Completely worth it.

  21. Bharath (verified owner)

    It was a very informative sessions, totally worth it. I had shortlisted questions and he explained everything in detail. We had a healthy discussion in general about Germany and the trends. Overall it was a very useful and an eyeopening discussion.

  22. Rizwan (verified owner)

    he is the best you dont need to pay to any other consultant as he will always their for you guiding the path to go to germany he is the best

  23. Aditya Polepeddi (verified owner)

    Had a one hour personal session with Bharat. Before the session I was totally unclear . After the session lot of doubts got cleared . I am totally confident after the session about studies after session with Bharat. I highly recommend to have the session to clear all doubts. Got good insights of interns, and how to apply for jobs

  24. akhil.bojedla.developer (verified owner)

    Bharat is an extremely knowledgeable person. He is confident and knows every detail of the answer he gives to your questions.

    I had a long session with Bharat about me moving to Germany for a job. The conversation was smooth, clear and transparent. He not only pointed out the good things but also the bad things that you might fact when in Germany. He was extremely polite, Listens to what you have to say, understands the situation and gives his best expert advice.

    The session was really helpful and I would recommend any of my friend to talk to him about Germany without any second thought.

  25. Bishnu (verified owner)

    It was amazing interacting with Bharat Bhai. He’s such a wonderful person. I was looking forward to this session for so long but couldn’t do for some reason or another. I had so many doubts in my mind as to because of other people perception towards Germany so, I wasn’t able to make up my mind or have that confidence within myself so as to move forward taking the decision about Germany. But yesterday after having a session with him it not only cleared all my doubts but it gave me confidence and trust within myself that yes I too can study in Germany. The session was an eye opener for me & I thank Bharat Bhai alot for that. He’s contribution towards the society with such guidance is just way beyond words that I couldn’t express. You’re doing a wonderful job Bharat Bhai & thanks for being the mentor of the youth giving us the correct knowledge & guidance.
    So anyone out there seeking to study their Bachelors, Masters this is the right platform for you. Without a second thought just go for it & have a clear perspective in your mind about Germany.
    Last but not the least thanks alot Bharat Bhai for the guidance you gave to me & showing me the correct path with your information. Thanks alot.

  26. Pankaj Punetha (verified owner)

    Awesome is the word! Had a great time talking to Bharat. The welcoming nature and the resourcefulness is really amazing. He has developed a highly efficient system/Pool of Knowledge wherein he provides genuine links to the best n authentic resources within seconds. One does not need to go anywhere else for concerns related to Education, Career or Living in Germany. He can even suggest great alternatives if your current planning is not working out well.
    One must certainly go ahead and give this session a try. You will save a lot of time and money. Really.

    Kudos to BHARAT! … in Germany 🙂

  27. Ranganath Kotturu (verified owner)

    It was a great session with Bharat and his suggestions are really valuable for attending my interview with Visa consulate in Germany.

    Definitely i recommend for any one looking for the professional advice to approach him

  28. Rajesh (verified owner)

    First of all…Thanks a lot BHARAT.
    I was doing online research for almost 1 month. But was confused about which path to choose (job or ms). This session just cleared all my confusions, which path to choose , why and how.
    This session just changed all my views and I personally recommend one and all, just to chat with BHARAT before taking any decision.
    He is a true well wisher. And is more worth than what he is charging.
    Stay blessed bro. Keep gng.

  29. Arjun S Nair (verified owner)

    It was such an amazing interactive session. Thanks a lot Bharat sir. Got all my doubts cleared. Felt like an elder brother giving proper guidance and suggestions. Be as you are and thank you so much.

  30. Ram Ravi (verified owner)

    Bharat is leading the way and really shaping the education/ personal guidance sphere for all things Germany. I had the privilege and opportunity to discuss some of the thought provoking questions that I had about moving to Germany. In turn, he was able to simplify the doubts I had and provide zen clarity on the next steps forward.
    The next time you are in doubt, you now know exactly who you can get in touch with.

    Thank You Bharat, keep inspiring !

  31. jisoriahitesh1995 (verified owner)

    Bharat bhai is phenomenal.
    We had talked more than an hour and he had answered all my questions in detail. There were so many things that I’ve learnt from him about Germany and masters program in Germany especially related to mechanical and automotive engineering. He’ad also encouraged me to apply for German taught programs and how much easy it is to get into masters where medium of instruction is German. He also gave me ideas regarding how he used to handle his classes when he came for the 1st time in college. it was really informing and thanks for helping me in deciding a clear path to my dreams.

    thank you

  32. Saptarsi (verified owner)

    The one to one session experience I had with Bharat was very informative which no other consultancy would have given me. Thank you once again Bharat for all the beneficial and genuine information given.

  33. Sunetra (verified owner)

    Had a series of queries lined up which Bharat answered so patiently. I would personally recommend it to everyone who has any sort of problem. People, incase you are reading this, please do not think twice.

  34. Gaurav chattopadhyay (verified owner)

    Had an informative conversation with Bharat, regarding the ground realities and requirements regarding studying there.
    Nice experience.

  35. jswl2004 (verified owner)

    Thank you Bharat for clearing my doubts and giving me apt suggestions.
    I had taken personal session with Mr Bharat two days ago. It was regarding Bachelors in Germany. I had an excellent interaction with him. He helped in clarifying all my doubts. Also he provided a clear road map for pursue of Bachelors in Germany. He has a good grasp of knowledge in this field.
    Further, the interaction was in a very cordial atmosphere and he is a very down to earth genuine person. If someone has any doubts regarding studies in Germany, he is the best person. The session is worth the money.
    All the very best Bharat. Keep it up.

  36. Shreekanth (verified owner)

    He’s got all the answers to your questions at his fingertips. Visa application process which I have been slogging at is now moving 10x faster after taking his advice & suggestions. If you have any specific doubts concerning your visa application process or anything related to Germany at all, I would highly recommend this personal session.

  37. Naveen

    A very kind guy who guide & shared his true experience & knowledge of life , through which youth can learn many things , motivated to themself . Bharat explain the things clearly in very short with excellent solutions & guidance, I had never met a person like him on social media who speak very honest through his own practical experience & guide & answer all your questions of query .
    Keep it up Bharat
    Thank you

  38. Manish kumar Mallavarapu (verified owner)

    A very friendly natured guy who has got ample of knowledge on the issues that can’t be answered by everyone. A senior sharing his experiences and knowledge to let us learn and motivated from his experiences. He genuinely wants to set up a platform and help every aspirant.
    I have heard and read a lot about Germany from various sources, yet I couldn’t confirm a lot of things such as job market, recruitment process, internships, mentorship. Bharat words soothed me and made me clear what I have to do and how I have to do to get things efficiently and effectively.

    Simply put, talking to him feels as if we are talking to a senior who has been through the thick and thin and trying to understand us what to do and what should be avoided. A senior who has got enough knowledge to answer all the questions of an aspirant who has got lots doubts about the uncertainties of German land.
    Thanks bro

  39. soumyajitmitra77 (verified owner)

    The one hour session with Bharat helped me clear doubts the I had for months and could get an answer for. Clear he has a lot of knowledge about the different requirements and the processes involved in admission for M.S. in Germany.
    I now have a cleared picture on how to achieve my goal than I had before my conversation with him. He has also really motivated me a lot. I am really satisfied with our conversation and anyone seeking guidance for studying in Germany should take the session with him.

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