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Letter of Recommendation is another important document that you need to get from your professors and employers.  For most of the universities in Germany, you are always required to submit 2 LORs. After your University grades, your ECTS equivalence, SOP and CV, this is the document which comes next in the admission committee’s priority list. Even if the SOP or CV isn’t at par with the admission committee’s expectation, a strong and personalized LOR can help you with one another push into the good light of the professors judging your application!

You can easily get your LOR reviewed by your peers, friends or other consultancies, but most of the times they have no idea on how to evaluate, review and edit a statement of purpose according to the German education culture. This is where can I help you. Along with having 8.0 band in IELTS and having experience in the education industry for over 2 years, I know how a LOR should be formulated to have the maximum effect on the admission committee. I will take out my time, work on your Letter of Recommendation, make it fit your purpose and your profile so that you don’t have to worry about at least this one document.

  • Unlimited corrections
    I will only mark your order as complete when you have written the final draft after all of the suggestions I will provide.
  • Detailed review for 2 LORs
    Because I will be going through the different aspects of your LOR, it will take 3 to 4 days to completely finish your LOR reviews, but once it’s done, you can be sure of its quality.

If you have any special requests, please don’t forget to mention it in the remarks section while placing the order.

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