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Improve your Spoken German from Home! – A collection of 111 Daily German Conversations (To pay with Paypal, select EUR as currency)

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When you are learning German, there comes a time when you are so focused on learning vocabulary, learning grammar, that when you find yourself in ‘real life’ situation, you suddenly find yourself looking for words to use in that situation.
This happens to most of the students who are learning a new language!
To help you no longer struggle with that, we worked on a list of 100 German conversations (111 technically – 3 are FREE preview!) so that you know exactly what phrases / vocabulary is relevant in what situations!
This collection of conversation contains a comprehensive list of 100 German conversations that cover a range of topics, from ordering food at a restaurant to discussing current events. With this guide, you’ll be able to confidently navigate any situation that arises during your day in Germany!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your German communication skills!
Please check the course curriculum here to see the list of conversations included and see the FREE preview.
Please try to directly enroll in the course on the BiG academy page itself, because that way you get instant access to the course. If you enroll here via Paypal, Bank Transfer (Indian Net-Banking or IBAN transfer) etc., I will have to manually enroll you in the course, which can take around 24 hours (I try to do it as soon as possible!)

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