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Complete Course for Studying in Germany

The course hand holds you through the entire process of preparing and applying to German universities, the visa process, all the way till you come to Germany! Start working on your dream today with the RIGHT GUIDANCE and save yourself hours of navigating through wrong and misleading informations with the help of to the point and well structured lessons in the course. The sooner you start, the better you prepare and with the exclusive monthly live sessions, I make sure that you are heading in the right direction to realise your dreams!

Complete Course for Finding Jobs in Germany

Finding Jobs in Germany will never be easier. From helping you to how to properly apply with the German job portals and the ‘hidden’ job market in Germany, to teaching you how to write banger cover letters and CVs which get you the job, everything and more is now available in the Complete Course for Finding Jobs in Germany.

Online German Courses

Everyday German Course (A1-B1)

The complete A1-B1 online course created by my Michael Schmitz is the only thing you will need when you are looking to learn German on your own with complete flexibility. Michael is a native German, who has over 20 years of work experience in teaching German to foreigners and helping them realise their dreams. Imagine the power of learning German, when you want, where you want and with the guidance from a native German speaker. This is what  you earn from the complete A1-B1 course from smarterGerman at a fraction of the cost of physical classes!


Learn all the necessary skills and information that you need from the comfort of your home to start studying in Germany and settle down here with a good degree, great job and an even better network of enthusiastic and highly motivated students and professionals in the BiG Community!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would I need help from some consultants?

Absolutely not! The courses are designed in a way that you are able to do everything regarding that topic purely with the help of courses. You follow the courses properly and that would be the only time you would be spending money to get a great quality guidance.

How long is the course?

All of the details regarding the course are clearly mentioned on their intro pages under the ‘Curriculum’ tab along with the time required to properly go through the lesson. 

Can I purchase just a part of the course? Maybe a video or two?

The course is only sold as a whole. 

What payment options are available?

The payment can be made securely on the website via any Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit cards through Paypal and Stripe. If your current card doesn’t work, either try another payment method or try somebody else’s card.

Can two or more people use one course?

Only one individual is allowed to access the course per enrollment. If found that the login details are being shared, the account will be terminated.

Where can I watch the lessons? Do I need a desktop computer?

The course lessons can be viewed on any device that is connected to the internet. Laptops and tablets are recommended due to their large size, however the courses are also optimized to be watched from smartphones.

How can I get a refund?

The hundreds of students who have joined my course haven’t asked for a refund and love being taken care of by someone who has a lot of experience in helping students move abroad. I don’t offer refund because of the data that is given access to, but if you have any questions for your purchase, you can always write to me!

How can I purchase the course for someone else?

You will get an email instructing you how to set up your login information. You can forward this email to the person who will be taking the course and they can set up their login information which will give them access to the course.

For how long can I access the course?

Once you have enrolled in a course, you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, so that you can come back and watch your lessons, this year or the next one or the hundreds of others coming that you are going to live! 😉