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German Grade Calculator

Here you can convert your home country grade to German grade using the Modified Bavarian Formula

Unless the university explicitly asks for your grades in the German system, don’t mention what your equivalent GPA or percentage would be in the foreign system.

Maximum score: 100% or 10 CGPA
Minimum score: 40% or 33% or 4 CGPA, whichever is the minimum score for you to pass in your exams
Obtained score: The end score that you have earned in your degree till now.

ECTS Calculator

For ECTS conversion while filling out some pre-check or curricular analysis form, ideally take the credits earned in your Bachelors subjects equal to the German subjects (e.g. TUHH evaluates the credits this way). Since, the credit equivalence can differ from university to university, as a rule of thumb, you can calculate the ECTS for a subject as the (Lecture Time+Self Study Time)/30 for a particular subject.
e.g. the subject of Strength of Materials is taught 5 hours in a week and a semester goes on for 14 weeks (rough estimate). Considering that you invest the same hours in self -study, you will have a total study time of 5*14+5*14 and when you divide this number by 30, you will have the equivalent ECTS that you have gained for Strength of Materials, which will be around 4.7.

It is also possible that you required more hours for self-study, so the equivalent ECTS can vary. Some universities take the equivalence of 28 hours as 1 ECTS and some take 30 hours as 1 ECTS.